Songwriting Lessons in Lake Travis & North Parmer, TX

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Our Approach

Songwriting Lessons for All Ages

Ever wish you could write your own songs? Many try to write music with the mistaken belief that songwriting ability is either something you’re born with or something you aren’t. We’re here to show you that songwriting is a learned skill that you can work at and improve like anything else.

Whether you’re about the music or the lyrics, songwriting is one of the best ways to express yourself. Whether you have an eye toward a music career or just want an outlet for self-expression, we want to give you the tools to create your own music. What could be more therapeutic?

For those of you interested in the music business, songwriting is invaluable. At The Musicians Woodshed, we specialize in voice lessons and artist development and believe that songwriting is one of the fundamental aspects of making a singer a well-rounded artist. The music industry can be a tough business for budding singers, but you’ll dramatically increase your chances of getting noticed and becoming a paid performer if you can write your own songs.

Our Approach to Songwriting at The Musicians Woodshed

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Songwriting Lessons Should Be Fun!

At The Musicians Woodshed, we understand that a spark for songwriting might lead you to our doors – but it’s the joy and creativity in our lessons that keeps you coming back! Our aim is for every student to LOVE their music lessons, embarking on an exciting journey filled with progress and discovery. Here, we infuse fun into the very fundamentals of songwriting!

Our expert staff combines a high standard of music education with a creative, student-centered approach. This unique blend allows students to explore and develop their passion for music and songwriting. Whether you’re penning your first lyrics or you’re an experienced songwriter, our teachers are dedicated to helping you advance swiftly towards your goals, ensuring that fun and creativity are part of every step in your journey.

We Emphasize Healthy Technique

Healthy technique is crucial for lifelong enjoyment and success in songwriting. Our primary focus is on teaching robust fundamentals, including lyric crafting, melody creation, and understanding song structure. We emphasize full-body engagement in the creative process, as we believe this approach not only enhances musicianship but also protects against creative burnout.

With the basics in place, you and your instructor will collaborate to shape the unique narrative of your songs. Our expert teachers will guide you in honing your songwriting skills, focusing on elements like emotional expression, thematic development, and stylistic diversity. As you learn, we will integrate music theory and music history, ensuring a comprehensive and enriching journey towards musical brilliance in songwriting.

We Care About Your Musical Interests

Songwriting instruction doesn’t follow a one-size-fits-all approach. Regardless of a student’s ability or past experiences, our teachers adopt a tailored strategy for each individual. This personalized approach is supported by comprehensive assessments, a custom learning plan, and dedicated one-on-one guidance throughout your songwriting journey.

While mastering the basics and techniques is crucial, our primary goal is to empower students to explore and develop their own unique musical styles and interests. Your teacher will collaborate with you to understand your goals and create a bespoke plan to achieee them. Whether your inclination is towards folk, rock, pop, or any other genre, The Musicians Woodshed nurtures songwriters to excel in their chosen field. This includes encouraging steps outside their comfort zone to experiment with new and diverse musical expressions.

Our Songwriting teachers

Sarah Lynn

Sarah Lynn

Voice, Piano, Violin, Flute, Recorder, Mandolin, Irish Tenor- Banjo, as well as Beginner Sound Engineering and Songwriting

Sarah Lynn is a multi-instrumentalist from Wellington, OH. She teaches violin, piano, voice, mandolin, flute, recorder, songwriting, and music production at the Musicians Woodshed.

George Simmons

George Simmons

Guitar, Piano, Vocals, Ukulele, Drums, Songwriting, Strings

George is from Los Angeles, California and grew up in a musical family. He had been in choir for most of his early childhood. At nine years old, George started with a “toy” ukulele and a printed sheet of chords.

Doug Frazier

Doug Frazier

Guitar, Bass, Piano, Ukulele, Voice, Woodwinds, Songwriting

Doug Frazier (Mr. Doug) has been a music educator since 2005, helping students of all ages and backgrounds achieve their goals and build their self esteem. He has a background in Early Childhood education, as well as years of professional experience teaching one-on-one or group lessons.

Reyna Johnston

Reyna Johnston

Violin, Voice, Beginner Piano, Guitar, Ukulele, Songwriting

Reyna began her musical journey at the age of 9 with the violin. She is classically trained and enjoys playing classical and jazz. Not getting enough of music, Reyna found a love for guitar and picking it up to play any song she hears.

Lukas Duhon

Lukas Duhon


Ben Hulan

Ben Hulan

Guitar, Mandolin, Ukulele, Trumpet, Songwriting

Ben grew up singing in church and playing music in school. He began studying trumpet when he was 8 and continued through college, adding guitar in the 10th grade, then ukulele and mandolin.

Josh Adams

Josh Adams

Guitar, Ukulele, Mandolin & Songwriting

Josh fell in love with music after hearing “Ticket to Ride” by the Beatles in fifth grade and starting playing music and writing songs shortly thereafter. He started performing in college and moved to Nashville shortly after he recorded his first album.

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“My daughter started singing and piano lessons here. In a few months since, she’s singing everywhere we go, like a little songbird. Before her lessons, she had stage fright. Within a month, she performs at the Woodshed Live for family and friends in front of over 100 people!”

— Lisa Ashcroft

“I enjoyed participating at ribbon cutting ceremony today. This place looks awesome! Everyone needs to come and check them out. Manager was super nice and offered a free lesson. I will be bringing my step daughter who is looking to up up her game.”

— Dauren Asrymbetov

“We have been here for just over 6ms and I have already seen an improvement in her performance skills as well as her creativity in both piano and vocals. I love the fact that you can walk in and start playing anything they have available. There are bands, open mic, etc”

— Elisha Cianci-Gorder

“The Musicians Woodshed is a total gem for the Lakeway/Bee Cave/Austin communities! The staff is super professional, the store is well-stocked, and the opportunities they have for their students are one-of-a-kind. ”

— Emily Scott Robinson

“This place ROCKS! My children take guitar & vocal lessons at this hip music school and LOVE it! They are highly motivated to practice due to the “Woodshed Live!” performances where students and teachers showcase their talent on a stage in front of an enthusiastic crowd. ”

— Alison Hellmund

students playing in a band

Frequently Asked Questions

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Where are the classes located?

Private songwriting lessons are offered at our Lake Travis and North Parmer locations.

Do I need to be able to play an instrument?

No. Knowing an accompaniment instrument before you join the class is helpful, but if you don’t, your teacher will play piano or guitar while you write your own lyrics and melody. Alternatively, we can teach you some basic chords on the keyboard, ukulele, or guitar to get you started.

What age is the class intended for?

The class is truly designed for any one, of any age wishing to expand their knowledge and build on the foundational basics of songwriting.

How do I sign up?

For private songwriting lessons, contact us now or get on the announcement list for our next songwriting workshop.