Begin Your Journey as a Musician


Starting something new can be equally exciting and overwhelming. The same can be said for your first music lesson. We often see at The Musicians Woodshed, several new students hiding behind their parents legs or awkwardly looking down at the floor before walking into their first music lesson. No need to worry! We have a […]

There is no definitive age that makes a student better a learning music. A common question asked by parents is “What age is best to start music lessons?” That question can be answered with another question: “What are your goals and expectations for your child through learning music?” Is the goal to learn a skill? […]

There are millions of different types of guitar picks. They vary in size, shape, thickness, color and chances are you have lost them as frequently as you’ve lost socks in the dryer. Below are a few guidelines to help you pick…er…choose your ideal guitar pic: SIZE: The thickness of the guitar pick will ultimately decide […]

YOU HAVE TO LEARN HOW TO READ STAFF MUSIC TO PLAY MUSIC Being able to read staff music can be a very helpful skill for a music student. However, there are many alternative options to learning music including learning by ear, reading guitar tabs, chord charts, among other methods. For students looking to approach lessons […]

Guitar is a fantastic instrument to learn contemporary music and let’s be honest one of the coolest instruments anybody can learn. At The Musicians Woodshed in Cedar Park, it is the most frequently requested instrument to learn. Our guitar teachers have decades of collective experience teaching guitar and here are some of the first lessons […]

At The Musicians Woodshed we teach several violin lessons in Cedar Park. Taking violin lessons in person or online is a great way to improve coordination, build self-confidence, and meet new people! We spoke with our instructor Sarah Lynn and these are her helpful tips for students that are starting violin lessons for beginners. But […]

It’s finally happened: your kid has the passion to learn how to play an instrument! Maybe they saw a video of their favorite band on YouTube and wanted to learn their favorite song. Maybe they saw their friends learn something cool on the guitar and want to start a band. Or maybe they’re still unsure […]

It’s Saturday morning. You and your friends are about to meet in your buddy’s garage to have band practice for your original project. As you pack your guitar (or bass, or many many drums), you feel the rush of adrenaline start to hit you: you get to play music with your friends and share your […]

Over the last few Near Years Eves, I’ve made attempts to look back at the previous year and reflect on what goals I’d hit in that 12 month span. This leads me to think about what goals I have in mind for the next year, but more importantly, what can be realistically achievable. I’ve noticed […]

As a music school, this is a question we’re frequently asked. Teachers have different teaching styles and philosophies when it comes to how young children should be when starting their musical journeys. And, as it turns out, teachers also have different opinions on how old students should be when they start on their first instrument. […]