Essential Information for Making Informed Purchases: Pianos, Keyboards, and Music Stands

little girl and teacher playing the piano at glee music academy

Choosing the Right Piano Keyboard

When it comes to selecting a piano keyboard, one of the most frequent inquiries we receive at Glee is: “What piano keyboard should I buy?” The key characteristic to look for is weighted keys, sometimes referred to as hammer action. This feature is crucial for a more authentic playing experience. We’ve curated a selection of Amazon piano keyboards to help guide your choice.

Common Misconceptions: Buying from Big Box Stores

A common question we encounter is whether one should consider purchasing a piano keyboard at Costco. Based on our experience, these keyboards often prioritize aesthetics over performance. Although they might resemble elegant piano furniture, the actual keyboard quality tends to be subpar. Our own journey with a Costco keyboard 12 years ago serves as a testament; despite its impressive appearance, it was ultimately an unsatisfactory choice for playing. We strongly advise against buying your keyboard or piano at Costco.

Identifying Quality Keyboards

Distinguishing between high-quality and low-quality piano keyboards can be challenging. To assist you, we have handpicked a variety of keyboards featuring the essential weighted keys or hammer action.

Price Point Considerations

When exploring options, be mindful of price tags. Products priced around $100 or under are likely not keyboards, but rather accessories such as benches or stands designed to complement a keyboard. It’s important to set correct expectations and understand that at this price point, you are not purchasing an actual keyboard.

Personal Recommendations

For those embarking on piano lessons or just starting their musical journey, a keyboard serves as an excellent introductory instrument. In my own teaching studio, I use a black baby grand for my personal practice and theory work, while my students utilize a stunning Casio white keyboard during lessons. This keyboard not only delivers exceptional sound quality but also adds an aesthetic touch to the living room, resembling a piece of furniture. It is a favorite choice of mine, and I highly recommend it.

Investing in a Quality Music Stand

The importance of a sturdy and easily adjustable music stand cannot be overstated, particularly for music students. A stand that can be swiftly adjusted ensures proper posture and enhances practice habits.

The Importance of Posture

While most music stands offer adjustability, the ease of making these adjustments is crucial. Manhasset stands are renowned for their user-friendly design, allowing for quick height adjustments to ensure optimal posture. Karen Lake, Director of Glee Music Academy, highlights the visibility that virtual lessons have provided into students’ home practice environments. She notes a clear difference in posture and technique between students who use a proper music stand and those who resort to balancing their music on beds or desks.

Durability Matters

Contrastingly, portable music stands tend to be flimsy and lack the capacity to support heavier music books. Manhasset stands, on the other hand, are praised for their durability and ability to accommodate the weight of music books, contributing to better posture and practice habits. Karen Lake, with her 20 years of experience and numerous Manhasset stands, attests to their longevity and robustness.

Choose Your Color

We invite you to scroll through the options below and select a music stand in the color of your choice. If you have trouble viewing all the choices, simply click near the blue dots to navigate through the pictures.