School Policies

Updated May 1st, 2024

We are thrilled to welcome you to the Glee Family. Be sure to read the policies thoroughly so you know how Glee lessons and classes work.

– If we do not hear from you after your first lesson, we assume you are ready to continue with weekly lessons.

– Tuition charged at the beginning of the month, unless paid for in a lump sum. (usually the first).

– If your payment fails, we give you a 4-day grace period and then we charge a $25 late fee.

Cancellation for Month-to-Month Memberships

– If you want to discontinue your month-to-month membership, be sure to give us written notice by the 14th of the previous month. There are no exceptions.

Recital & Show Fees: $5 a Month

– Recitals/Shows at Glee are free to attend.

– 4-6 recitals throughout the year

– The recital fees are NOT dependent on your student’s ability to attend.

– For families with multiple students, each student will be charged.

– Charter students have a different recital fee arrangement- see Charter Agreement.

Piano Students: Performance Class

– For students taking private piano or Piano Premier Classes, we have Performance Class 8 times a year. This is in place of your regular lesson. It usually happens on the 3rd week of the month and happens in all months except December (because of Winter Break) and the Summer (June, July, and August).

First Lesson Pricing: Non-Refundable

– First lessons are non-refundable and assume you want a weekly lesson.

– Discounted first lesson pricing: $25 for 30-minute, $39 for 45-minute, $59 for 60 minute

– Discounted second instrument or teacher, add $10.

Month-to-Month Memberships

– Tuition is the same each month and is NOT dependent on how many weeks there are in that month. This means you will have 3-5 lessons each month, depending on studio closures for holidays or a 5th lesson during longer months. – Tuition is NOT dependent on attendance.

– There is usually a yearly price change.

Friday/Saturday Students: Rescheduling Lessons for Recitals

– Friday/Saturday Students: There may be a few weeks during the year when your lesson will need to be rescheduled due to the recital.

– We do not offer pro-rated tuition for these months, but those make-up lessons can be used within 6 months of the original lesson date.

Make-Ups and Lesson Credits: Schedule Online or Ask the Office

– See our cancellation policy for lessons and classes in the Portal.

– Everyone is happier when you handle the cancellations through the Glee

Portal because nobody knows your schedule better than you do. Teachers do

not have access to lesson scheduling.

– All schedule changes require 24-48 hours notice, so if you think your student is

getting sick, cancel your lesson and look for classes now rather than waiting

until the day of your lesson.

– For international students, we require 48 hours notice to qualify for a lesson


– If you are sick, VIRTUAL IS AN OPTION: If you cannot physically make it to

your lesson time, the teacher can give you an online lesson during your

scheduled time. Please give us as much time as possible.

– If your teacher cannot make the regular lesson time due to an emergency or

unforeseen circumstance, we will do our best to provide you with a substitute

teacher at the same lesson time. If a substitute teacher cannot cover the time

slot, students will be notified, and a make-up lesson time will be found. We do

not offer tuition credits.

– If you decide to discontinue lessons, any lesson credits need to be used before

your last weekly lesson. After you end lessons, your remaining lesson credits

will be forfeited. You cannot use your lesson credits after your auto-pay schedule is stopped.

Online Lessons

– If for some reason you have connection problems during your lesson, we unfortunately cannot schedule a make-up lesson.

– Worried about tech problems? Schedule a FREE tech appointment with the office to help you resolve your problems. If you want to do a test run with the office before your next lesson, we are happy to do that too.

Glee Schedule

Glee follows SVUSD’s school schedule for major holidays and breaks. Here is our holiday schedule:

  • Week of Thanksgiving- CLOSED
  • SVUSD Winter Break- CLOSED
  • SVUSD Spring Break- CLOSED
  • One Week in Summer, Depending on Your Teacher’s Schedule- CLOSED Tuition takes into account these closures, and is not prorated.

Copyright and Music Purchases

– Taking music lessons involves buying music supplies. You will be expected to have a “textbook” for lessons and additional music as you study.

– WAYS TO GET MUSIC: We have books in the store, we offer digital music you can print at (, and we offer print-on-demand in the store.

– We ask that you honor the law and purchase copyrighted materials that a composer or publisher has taken the time and resources to provide.

Pick Up Your Student On Time

– Please do NOT drop off your student more than 5 minutes early. There is no adult supervision in the waiting area, as the teachers are busy teaching.

– Pick up your students on time, especially if you are the last student of the day. If your lesson ends after the office closes, and the staff needs to wait with your child for you to arrive, you will be charged $2 per minute.

We Love to Take Pictures!

I, the undersigned parent or guardian, hereby grant permission to Glee Music

Academy to use my photograph/video and/or the photograph/video of my son or

daughter. This use could include Glee Music Academy’s website, YouTube,

Facebook page, or other publications without further notice, consideration, or


You Grant Us Permission

I, the undersigned parent or guardian, grant permission for my daughter/son to participate in classes/activities with Glee Music Academy (GMA). In the event of an illness or injury, I hereby authorize the instructors to decide the best course of action. I understand that by participating, there is a possibility that my daughter/son could sustain personal injury in connection with his/her participation. I hold GMA and teachers harmless from any and all claims of personal illness or injury that my daughter/son may sustain during participation in any GMA event at our facility, during transportation, or at a concert. I understand that I will be solely responsible for any and all medical bills that may result from any illness or injury that he/she may sustain while with GMA.

Tonara: Practice App

– Using TONARA: Through this app, teachers post assignments and multi-media resources for the student. This app works on any phone or tablet.

– Ask the office if you need help logging in.

– If for some reason you choose not to use this app, you can attend the lesson and record notes for your student. The teacher will only be recording assignments in the Glee practice app.

– We expect all students to practice 4-7 days a week to have a successful learning experience.

Student Expectations

– Instruments: You need an instrument at home to have lessons so you can practice regularly. You should not start lessons if you do not have an instrument in your home. We can help with suggestions or rentals.

– Arrive on Time & Ready: Each student is on time and ready to learn in his or her lesson. This includes bringing his or her materials to the lesson each week. If a student comes without his or her materials, the lesson time may be cut short due to the student not being prepared to learn. Lessons that have been shortened due to the student being unprepared will not be discounted in price.

– Borrowing Books: If a student forgets books, they can borrow one for $2 from the Glee store (provided it is available).

– The teacher does not need to notify the parent before borrowing a forgotten book. We will simply charge the card on file.

Substitute Teachers

– If your teacher can’t attend your scheduled lesson last minute, one of the other teachers in the same discipline may be his/her substitute teacher for the day. We only hire qualified and friendly teachers, so Glee does not need to notify you if your teacher cannot attend that particular lesson.

– Teachers reserve the right to reschedule one or two lessons a year without a tuition credit to the student’s account.

– In the event that your teacher unexpectedly needs to leave Glee, we will find a replacement teacher. A change in teachers does not change the notice needed to cancel month-to-month contracts.

We Love Questions

Question about music or lesson materials? The student can message them in Tonara.

Question about anything else? Text the office at 949-309-4640.

Emails Are For You and Your Student

It is the responsibility of the student and/or parent to check their email regularly and check the Glee events calendar on the ( site. Schedule changes to recitals, classes, shows, and lessons are communicated on the Glee Insider newsletter. If your email changes, please inform us of the change. It is common to have a parent AND a student on the email list.


Our policies may change from time to time. In the event of a change we will be sure to post in the Glee Insider. By signing this agreement, you are agreeing to the most current version of the studio policies.

I am the Mother/Father/Guardian/Sponsor and I have read and I agree to the above guidelines.