About Step Onstage

Step Onstage is Northwest School of Music’s NEW rock band program where students can learn to play as a band, test their knowledge on their instrument in a real world live music setting, and build new skills to level up their playing to the concert stage! Students will work together with a group instructor in a fun collaborative atmosphere to create a setlist with their band and prepare for a final performance at a real Austin live music venue. Our educators teach practical music theory to supplement students’ private lessons and team up with their private instructors to ensure students are prepared, confident on their instrument, and ready to rock.

How The Program Works

Students are placed into bands based on ability, age, and musical interests. With Northwest’s unique track selection process, each student will rank playlists of songs based on interest and a group instructor will curate a final set of songs for the band to play based on the combined choices of the band. Our song lists will continually be updated and expanded with new music, trending artists, and fun themed groups so no student will ever have the same setlist twice!

Our bands meet weekly for a 90 minute rehearsal over 10 weeks with a group instructor to workshop songs, learn new concepts to assist in their performance, and prepare for a final performance at a venue. Song materials are carefully organized and their progress is shared with their private instructors so students have all the tools they need to succeed.

student learning music  in Northwest School of Music

Policies and Pricing

Step Onstage is open for any students 8+. The program cost of $495 will be added to your
tuition upon enrollment. Discounts may be provided for multiple students in a household.

Participating students must attend all scheduled rehearsals and the final performance which is provided upon placement in a band. Rehearsals and the final performance will not be rescheduled due to individual conflicts in order to respect our students’ and instructors’ time.

student Playing Guitar in Northwest School of Music

How to Enroll

Open auditions will be held several times per year and advertised on our bulletin boards, our instructors, and our email newsletter. Auditions may include playing along to a recording, performing a song on your own, or trying out in a group setting to a panel of our instructors. The number of student bands is based on interest by our student population and availability of instructors, so not all students can be guaranteed placement in a band. Please let your private instructor know if you are interested in auditioning so they may assist you. If you would like to be notified of upcoming auditions, please complete the email form below:

student Playing Drums in Northwest School of Music