Our Reviews

  • “When I chose to learn bass, the teacher I was assigned was Matthew. We played together once a week for nearly two years; every time we met in person and every time we got on a skype call, I improved every time. We had some really good experiences and I developed very quickly under him with bass and electric guitar. Very good school, highly recommend.”

    Ian B.

  • “Great place to learn music. Kathleen is awesome!”

    Shweta S.

  • “I admit I haven’t been a student here very long, but if anything changes, I’ll edit my review accordingly. Here’s what I have to say about the experience I’ve had: I have David Price as my teacher, and I am utterly grateful for his instruction. He is fantastic–always involved in every step of the lesson, playing along with me, giving me directions as well as examples of what to do, and he’s just a down-to-earth guy who’s friendly and kind. The owner, Kath, is sweet as can be, and every single person I’ve met from that school has been helpful, friendly and polite. The school is clean; the environment is welcoming; the instruction from my teacher is second to none, and I’ve had four teachers, counting him. I am very happy with everything I’ve experienced so far. I am excited to see how I grow as a violinist over the coming months and years.”

    Jessica H.

  • “We were blessed to have David Pencil as our piano teacher. He is a consummate professional and an exceptionally good teacher. To say that we were pleased with him would be an understatement. My daughter learned and progressed so much under his tutelage. Not one minute was wasted during his lessons. He will review the music with your child until he believes that they understand all the nuances of the music. Unfortunately, we decided to transfer our daughter to a piano teacher closer to our home, but Northwest School of Music will always hold a special place in our hearts. Kathleen and the staff are also very kind and helpful! Thanks so much!”


  • “I have been taking piano lessons from Thomas at Northwest School of Music for almost 3 years now. I started as a complete beginner in my late 20s and simply chose the closest place I could find, which happened to be NW School of Music. I couldn’t be happier with my decision. Thomas is a young but highly gifted musician and has been an outstanding teacher. He gets me excited about the piano and inspires me to get better all the time. His lessons are very casual and laidback, yet informative and productive every time. It’s been the perfect learning environment for me. Under his guidance, I have progressed quite a bit, to the point where I am now selecting pieces by Chopin and comparable composers for my recitals. Every student can perform in the recitals held by the school twice each year. I’m quite a bit older than most of the other performers, but the recitals provide a great source of practice motivation and are a great way to gain invaluable experience playing in front of an audience. The school itself is clean and welcoming and the staff are all amazing. They are always on top of scheduling, billing, and communication and everyone is super nice. I highly recommend NW School of Music for all ages (even 28 yr-olds like me).”

    Asa A.

  • “…I have not slowed down with music since ending my lessons at Northwest School of Music, and have continued to learn new things from all sorts of avenues…I know I’ve said this before, but thank you so much for all that you and your school has provided for me. I would most likely not be where I am if it weren’t for the guidance of your wonderful staff; and for that, I am truly grateful.”

    Greg V.

  • “I would highly recommend Northwest School of music for anyone interested in professional and quality music instruction. All three of my children took lessons here and thoroughly enjoyed their instructors and lessons. My youngest has just started college and misses her piano lessons with Sarvar, she is practicing when she has time and hopes to pick back up on her lessons sometime in the future. Thank you so much Kathleen and all of the wonderful staff for giving all of my kids a love for music!”

    Tonya D.

  • “My 7 year old started her second year here playing piano. Kathleen, the owner, is great with answering any questions, concerns, scheduling requests you have, in a VERY timely manner. The studio is clean, on time, and very professional. The teachers really care!”

    Kelli W.

  • “We came to Northwest School of Music two years ago, after having a parent recommend them. I love that they offer so many different instruments and even voice lessons in this location. With several teachers to choose from for piano we signed up with Sarvar because he had an opening. We have absolutely loved having him teach our son. The school itself is very organized, on-time, clean, and very well managed. Communication is excellent between the front office and the parents. I’d recommend them to anyone!”

    Kathryn G.

  • “My son has taken percussion lessons at NW school of music for 3 years and has enjoyed every minute of it. His teacher, Paul, has been great. He’s patient with a 10/11 year old. He takes into account our goals — the most recent was getting my son into the percussion section at the middle school he will start next year… which he did. He tries to work on songs that interest my son and yet sneak in lessons on technique that apply. Kathleen has always been very quick to respond to questions and keeps us informed of any changes. She has worked with us when schedules need to be changed. All of my encounters with her and with the school have been great.”

    Jeremy P.