Fees & Policies

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Our music instructors are University Degreed professionals who earn their living by teaching music lessons. For our music school to run smoothly and to attract the best possible teachers, we have policies in place that respect their time as well as yours. These policies are fair, reasonable, and widely used at music schools across the country. To avoid a future misunderstanding, please take a few minutes to read our policies below and let us know if you have any questions or concerns.

Office Hours

Office hours are Monday-Friday, 2:00PM – 8:00PM Our phone number is (512) 258-9785 or send us an email at info@northwestschoolofmusic.com.


  • 30 minute lessons = $150 monthly tuition
  • 45 minute lessons = $215 monthly tuition
  • 60 minute lessons = $260 monthly tuition

Northwest School of Music is open year round and operates on a 48 week year. Lessons average out to 4 per month. Our convenient flat fee never changes regardless of the number of weeks in a month. We do not prorate months with 3 weeks and we do not charge extra for months with 5 weeks.

Late Arrival

Please note that students arriving late will not have their lesson time extended. Our teachers typically have many students scheduled consecutively throughout the day and they will not impose upon another student’s lesson time. If you arrive late and your teacher is not in the waiting area, please go directly to your teacher’s room and let him or her know that you’re present so no additional time is lost. If you’re running more than 5-10 minutes late, it may be a good idea to call ahead and let us know that you’re on your way, but running late.


When you enroll in lessons that lesson time is reserved for you. This means that your lesson slot is unavailable to other students and the teacher has made a commitment to instruct you at that time. Please make every effort to come to your lesson and avoid scheduling other activities during your lesson time. Consistent attendance helps ensure good progress.

However, students may cancel for any reason (illness, schedule conflict, etc.) and attend a one-hour group music workshop. Workshops are held on the 3rd Saturday, every other month at 3pm. Specific dates and topics are posted on the school bulletin board. Workshops are applicable for all ages and instruments. Missed lessons are not refundable.


A 30 day notice is required to cancel lessons. Email or call the office to cancel lessons. There is no extra fee and you may withdraw at any time. 

Switching Teachers or Instruments

As a courtesy to the teacher, we do require two full-business weeks’ notice to switch teachers or instruments. Since our teachers are paid by the lesson this allows time to find a replacement student, and time for communications between instructors to ensure lesson continuity.


Occasionally our teachers will be absent due to performing, illness or family emergencies. Whenever this happens, the school will arrange for a substitute teacher or will reschedule your lessons. We’ve found that many students actually enjoy an occasional lesson with another teacher.


Our schools are closed on most major holidays. These include New Year’s Day, the week of Spring Break, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Eve. Occasionally, your lesson will fall on a holiday and you will not have a lesson. There are no tuition adjustments or make-up lessons given for lessons that fall on the above major holidays because all students receive additional lessons at no extra cost on months where an extra (5th) week occurs. Please note that we do not follow public school system schedules for staff preparation/student holidays. If the public school system has for example, a teacher “in-service” day, do not assume we are closed. When in doubt, please call the school office so you do not forfeit your lesson.


Recitals are held several times throughout the year. There is a $20 fee for each recital participant. Participation is optional.

Social Media

We love to show off our students! If you do not wish to have your child shown on our social media please let our office manager know. We never share student’s last names or contact information.

Leave of Absence

Lesson plans cannot be placed on hold. We cannot guarantee the same instructor, day or time if you need to take an extended leave of absence. We still require a 30 day notice for any leave of absence.

Care of Young Children

The school is not responsible for providing supervision before or after class. Parents with very young students are asked to remain in the school during lessons. Students are not to be left at the school for excessive time before or after class. Your child’s safety is important to us. Please make arrangements to pick up your child as soon as the lesson is over.