About Needham Music

music teacher teaching the young kid how to play the flute

Needham Music is dedicated to offering the best music instruction possible. Our teachers are experienced professionals with impressive educational & performing backgrounds. Students of all ages and skill levels are welcome. It has long been known that studying music at an early age helps in brain development.

It’s never too late to start, either! Many of our adult students are surprised to see how quickly they can begin to pick up an instrument, even with no prior musical training. Truly, all that matters is that you have a genuine interest in music, and that you have some time (even 15-20 minutes/day) to dedicate to practicing whichever instrument you choose.

Our Music Lessons:

Welcome to Needham Music. If you are looking for private music lessons, ensemble groups, workshops, and classes in the Needham, Wellesley, Dover, Newton, Brookline, West Roxbury, and Dedham areas, you have come to the right place!

Founded in 1995, Needham Music specializes in beginners of all ages, from toddlers to seniors, with over 400 students taught every week. We also teach advanced levels of abilities. With 20+ years of professional teaching experience, we pride ourselves on our high retention rankings and having some of the best and most experienced teac­­­hers in the greater Boston area.


We strive to make a positive impact on students’ lives by providing professionally-trained musical instructors. Our mission is to spread the appreciation, knowledge, & love of music while helping students strengthen their confidence & become well-rounded skilled musicians.

We recognize that everyone has a special gift. Through our programs, we help them to find their own voice and achieve their full potential. With some of the best teachers and support for our students, we help shape and mold those very gifts through a careful curation of music.


At Needham Music, we focus on effectively increasing the value of music lessons for your child and keeping our program within budget. There are multiple (free) opportunities for students to perform and showcase their talents though student concerts, recitals, street fairs and more. You’ll see the growth and progress your student has been making not only in their musical life but also their academic life. Most importantly, your child will be accepted for who they are and will develop a sense of self worth and belonging to a community.

Benefits to Students:

Our music programs create independent music makers. We strive to create healthy competition through our music educational programs. We believe in a teamwork-centered environment throughout all of our programs.

Benefits to Parents:

Music education enhances a child’s academic life, provides all the benefits of sports programs, & is a good value to parents. Learning an instrument is like learning a new language – It takes patience, commitment, & self-discipline. These, and more, are all life-long skills that students acquire over time through their lessons!

Sales & Rentals:

In addition to our teaching studio, we have a retail location in Needham Center for instrument sales, rentals, and repairs. We carry a full line of instrument accessories, music books, and cool gifts!