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Our Mission

The Christopher Laughlin School of Music provides positive, memorable opportunities for students of all skill levels to explore their interest in music through a rewarding progression of discovery.

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Music Lessons in a Nurturing & Family Friendly Environment

The Christopher Laughlin School of Music provides in-school and online lessons to children and adults of all ages. Private and group instruction is available. Music enriches our lives. Enrich your life: listen, learn, and perform. Your interest is the key. You must take the first step. Let our teachers be your guide.

Music Lessons for All Ages & Skill Levels in Northbrook, Illinois!

The Christopher Laughlin School of Music offers the highest quality music lessons to students of all ages and levels. Started in 1996, our school has grown to accommodate hundreds of students in Northbrook and Chicago’s northern suburbs.

Our instructors are accomplished professionals who live the joy of music every day, and inspire their students to be creative and express themselves through music.


“The teaching has been excellent and the staff are approachable and helpful.  An exceptional music school – thank you!”

— Nina S.

“My daughter’s piano teacher is great. She is talented technically meanwhile very patient /inspiring.”

— Yun C.

“My daughter’s piano teacher is great. She is talented technically meanwhile very patient /inspiring.”

— Starbuck A.

“My son’s guitar teacher Andrew is terrific!”

— Paula M.

Our Teachers

Our music instructors are skilled artists themselves and experienced teachers. They are committed to your success and growth. Teaching is a conduit for our amazing staff to pass on their passion for music and the arts.


Our Music Programs:

We offer private lessons in guitar, piano, voice, violin, viola, cello, bass and drums. Lessons can be taken either in-school or online.

Additionally, we offer group piano lessons through our Yamaha Music Education System classes. This unique system develops musical skills using the principles of timely education, group lessons, emphasis on creativity.

Each lesson plan is created by your instructor and catered to your child’s specific needs.