The Musical Journey of Dana V Music

Music enriches our lives. Enrich your life: listen, learn, and perform. Your interest is the key. You must take the first step. Let our teachers be your guide, and find out how music can move you.

Musical Journey of Dana V Music


Dana V Music was founded in 2005 when Dana Vachharajani moved to Boulder, CO after a successful professional singing career out of New York City and The Juilliard School and agreed to teach voice lessons to a few students from a local school where she was an interim gym teacher. (Yes! A gym teacher!) Within just a few months, Dana’s schedule was full and she decided to incorporate and become a business, hiring two like-minded voice teachers to help fulfill Dana’s vision of providing professional music instruction in a positive and approachable learning environment to students of all ages and at all stages of their musical journey.

In 2007, to meet the increasing administrative demands of a growing school, Dana brought on Katie Fillius (McClave) as a business partner and Co-Director, voice instructor, and the head of a newly-founded piano department, which would grow to five teachers under her leadership. Our school and our musical community have benefitted immensely from Katie’s enthusiasm for nurturing young musicians, and her unequalled organizational skills proved invaluable as we continued to expand, adding hundreds of additional students, dozens of teachers, seven new instruments, and over 4,000 square feet of additional studio space over the next 12 years.

In 2019, Dana V Music entered a third phase of growth, with Dana and Katie stepping back from administration to focus on their teaching and on their families, which now number 30 weekly students and 4 beautiful children between them! Taking up the mantle, the ownership group of Dana V Music expanded to include Chelsea Kyle, who has excelled as our Program Director since 2016, and Jeff Homer, who joined the team as Business Manager. Dana Vachharajani continues to be our “North Star” for the school’s musical and pedagogical philosophy, and remains a co-owner of Dana V Music.

Our Louisville Home

Dana V Music moved to our current location at 901 Front Street in Louisville, CO in January 2008. The Louisville community was one of the best things to happen to the school, which quickly grew from just 34 students in 2008 to over 250 students per week by 2011, and from a 750 square foot space to over 5,000 square feet of beautiful music studios with high quality pianos to match. In 2019, Dana V Music boasts over 300 students per week in over 40 different private and group offerings. We couldn’t have done it without the addition of the many highly-trained and well-loved teachers who have come through our doors.

Our Teachers

Dana V Music believes that our teachers are the heart of the school. Our teachers are highly pedigreed, positive musicians who love to share their journey of music. The positive process is essential to progress and learning so that students are literate lovers of music. We have been so lucky to have had teachers who stay with us long-term, some for over 7 years, even through many different life changes. Many of our teachers have gone on to become professors at universities or successful performers, composers, and directors. In addition to our wonderful regular teachers on staff, we are fortunate to be able to bring in many talented guest artist teachers. Our very successful Bring it to Broadway program has now seen 10 years of the best and brightest Broadway stars acting as guest artists for our programs.

Our Parents and Students

What can we say? We wouldn’t be here without you!

Over the years, our parents have supported, encouraged, and advised us on all fronts. They suggest new programming, policies, and educate us about community and social trends in music. We keep our minds and ears open! Most importantly, our parents trust us to guide their children. For this, we are so grateful.

Our students come to us from all areas of Colorado, all ages (3-Adult), and all abilities. We encourage anyone to explore this beautiful art and vehicle for amazing communication.

Over the 14 years that Dana V Music has opened its doors, we have seen over 60 students pursue careers professionally through continued training at some of the top universities and conservatories all over the country and world. Quite a few of our students are making their marks in this very competitive business. See our Alumni page to learn more!

Our Mission

Dana V Music was created to provide positive, memorable opportunities for individuals to explore many aspects of music. We believe that learning and experiencing music should be a positive progression of discovery. Music is important for the emotional, social, and intellectual growth of an individual.

It has been our joy to be a part of the musical growth that thousands of people have experienced through our passion for music education. We take such joy in laying positive foundations for our students. We love our Pixies to our Adults, who at every turn continue to awe us with their pursuit and creativity. We are so proud to play a small part in cultivating this knowledge and confidence.

We thank you for allowing us the opportunity to teach you!