About our lessons

At Dana V. Music (DVM), students receive quality instruction by highly qualified professionals in a positive learning environment. We offer private lessons in voice, piano, violin, viola, cello, guitar, flute, saxophone, and clarinet to students ages 5 through adult. Music lasts a lifetime, so why set limits?

paino teacher teaching the student play piano on a keyboard in piano class in Louisville CO

Inside our lessons

At Dana V. Music (DVM), students receive quality instruction by highly qualified professionals in a positive learning environment. We offer private lessons in voice, piano, violin, viola, cello, guitar, flute, saxophone, and clarinet to students ages 5 through adult. Music lasts a lifetime, so why set limits?

During lessons, students will learn healthy technique based on their natural talents. Musical expression of varied styles is encouraged and explored as students progress in lessons.

It is very important that students become musically literate, which is why we take time during lessons to teach basic music theory.

We also offer group music theory classes as a supplement to private lessons.


General Info

We want our students to feel confident and moved to explore their musical art. Students are encouraged to not only learn music that the teachers choose, but to also bring music that excites them. All teachers are educated and well-equipped to nurture musical theater, classical, jazz, folk, and contemporary/popular styles of music. Have fun and explore all genres!

Recitals of Relevance and Performance Opportunities

We believe in learning through performance, but do not require our students to perform until they feel ready. All students are given recommendations and advice about performances and competitions through the many programs and organizations that we are affiliated with. One program we are extremely proud of is Recitals of Relevance. Two times per year, students present a piece to be performed in recital as outreach to members of our local and senior communities. In recent years, we have presented recitals to The Louisville Farmers’ Market, Golden West Senior Living, Flatirons Terrace, The Academy, and The Lodge at Balfour. For some students, this is the first presentation in public! Our students’ performances are received with great love and support. We enjoy these outreach events and pride ourselves on providing positive performance opportunities for our students. For more information on instruction, including lesson scheduling for you or your child, please contact the office or call (303) 974-5586.

Studio Policy

1.0 Supplies and Behavior

We love it when our students come to lessons prepared with the following:

  • Music Binder and Music
  • Digital Voice Recorder or a recording device (applies mostly to voice students)
  • Water Bottle
  • Instrument

We appreciate when our students:

  • Practice regularly
  • Reflect and share their musical experiences with their teachers
  • Are positive and open­minded about new ideas and experiences

1.1 Student Mental and Physical Health Request:

We believe in giving our students the best possible experience and education, and we cannot do this unless we are made aware of any physical, medical, mental, or behavioral conditions that a student may possess. When the teacher is aware of such conditions, he or she can instruct in a sensitive and informed way that will be more beneficial to the student. Additionally, our students’ safety is a top priority, and if we are not made aware of the symptoms and effects of students’ conditions, we cannot uphold the safety of the studio. We are not experts, but we do have expert references to assist and guide us. Your information will only be shared between you, Dana, Katie, and the private lesson instructor. Please contact Katie and Dana immediately if there us anything we should know about the student.

1.2 NEW: Student Safety (Dismissal)

There are many activities that take place in the lower level of the Koko Plaza building. There are also many community events around the building that keep the lower level populated. We do not know every person who comes to this building and cannot vouch for the safety of the atrium and exterior of the building. We also do not want children waiting outside in the elements. For that reason: IF YOUR CHILD IS UNDER THE AGE OF 8, PLEASE PARK YOUR CAR AND PICK UP YOUR CHILD IN ONE OF OUR WAITING ROOMS: PRIVATE STUDIOS A (BEIGE) or SMALL ENSEMBLE ROOMS (LAVENDER) If you are running late, you will be able to find your child there, NOT IN THE HALLWAYS. *If you have a child under 8 and you prefer that they wait outside, please send us a handwritten, signed letter giving your child permission to come up the stairs.


We bill with full­semester invoices and all bills are delivered by email*. You may choose to pay for the full semester in one payment, in two half­semester payments, or by four (fall) or five (spring) monthly payments. Please refer to the DVM Pricing List and Payment Schedule​ for details. *Only one party will be billed per student. Duplicate bills and split payments are the responsibility of the registering guardian.

2.1 Prorated Bills

​ Dana V. Music will prorate up to three lessons for known conflicts per semester. You will be notified of the deadline by email prior to each semester (August 1, 2015 for the Fall 2015 semester and December 15, 2015 for the Spring 2016 semester). We will not prorate for possible absences without dates. We invite you to attend our makeup master classes for any additional absences that occur during the semester. NOTE: School/Community Productions or Events Please make sure that you list your lessons as a conflict when auditioning for plays and productions. Due to our high volume of students, Dana V. Music has very little freedom to move lessons after the times are set. Please be very sure of your conflicts and be clear about your commitment to lessons (especially Fairview High School students in fall musical or spring Pop Show, and CenterStage Theatre Company or Art Underground participants).

2.2 Late Fee

​ A $15 late fee will be applied to all payments 10 or more days late. An additional $15 late fee will be applied every 30 days after the initial fee, until payment is received. Please view the DVM Pricing List and Payment Schedule for payment due dates.

2.3 Credit Cards

​ We accept credit cards only as part of our automatic payment plans. Full, half, and monthly options are available. Please view the DVM Pricing List and Payment Schedule (enclosed) for dates that credit cards are charged. If you are interested in this option, please fill out the Credit Card Authorization form, found in all studio wings, and turn it into our office for processing before first payment deadline.

3.0 Cancellation Policy

**We are expecting and looking forward to a commitment from our students to attend every lesson in the time they have chosen, as this is the best way to positively progress in lessons. There will be NO credits given for canceled lessons. In the event of any cancellation, please do the following:

  • Contact your teacher directly by phone or email
  • HEALTH: Our school has many students coming in and out on a daily basis. We try very hard to keep illness down. If a student is believed to have a contagious illness OR does not have the ability to sing or play their instrument due to illness, please cancel your lesson. There will be make­up options as long as we know the student’s condition.

4.0 Makeup Lessons

Advanced Cancellations (more than 24 hours in advance): NEW Policy! Teachers will offer makeup lessons for up to 2 ADVANCED CANCELS. For any additional cancellations, students are asked to sign up for the Makeup Master Classes.

  • Teachers have until the END OF THE SEMESTER to offer makeups for advanced cancels.

Please do not expect immediate makeups. LATE CANCELLATIONS (less than 24 hours in advance): *Late cancels ​and no­shows ​will be offered a Makeup Master Class only.

4.1 Makeup Master Classes

You may sign up to attend one of our semesterly, instrument specific makeup master classes. You are welcome to take a master class with any of our teachers. Please view this schedule under “Existing Students” Note about Master Classes: Attending master classes is a unique and nurturing way to learn. Students will gain a connection to their peers, colleagues, and Dana V. Music teachers, which will create strong relationships and increase overall knowledge of their instrument. These classes were created to ensure that our students have a worthwhile and educational make­up option.

4.2 Inclement Weather

Dana V. Music will post any school closures on our Facebook page and website home page. Most often, lessons will not be cancelled unless BVSD cancels, but even then, please do not assume that we are closed as weather sometimes clears up by the afternoon. Teachers have the right to cancel lessons for bad weather even if Dana V. Music is not closed. In this case, the teacher will offer makeup options or will offer a Skype lesson from their location at the student’s regular lesson time. Skype lessons are only offered in the event of bad weather and will not occur on a regular basis.

4.3 Teacher Cancellations

We are committed to teaching weekly lessons to all registered students at their regularly scheduled times. In the case of a cancellation by the teacher because of illness or an unforeseen conflict, a substitute will be provided or the teacher will make up the lesson.

5.0 NEW! Room Rental Opportunities

Students of Dana V. Music will now be able to rent our Large Ensemble Room, Small Ensemble Rooms, and Private Studios for rehearsals, meetings, recordings, etc. for the following discounted fees: $25/hourLarge Ensemble Room** $10/hourSmall Ensemble Room (Sky or Lime) $5/hourPrivate Studio *In order to reserve a room more than a week in advance, 1 hour of rental fee (nonrefundable) is due at the time of reservation. **For those students using the Large Ensemble Room for College/University/Audition DVDs, a flat fee of $25 is required for recordings up to 2 hours (discount). An additional fee of $15 will be charged for use of DVM’s video cameras (optional)

6.0 Continuing Students­ Private Lesson Scheduling

Dana V. Music runs in 3 terms: Fall, Spring, and Summer. We believe that continuous lessons lead to more rapid progress. Scheduling is done each semester by email, on a firstcome, firstserve basis. You will be notified with a reminder a week before the date that scheduling begins (listed on the DVM 2017-2018 Calendar in this packet). Once you respond with your scheduling request, a $50 tuition deposit is due to hold your spot in the schedule.

6.1 Summer Lessons

We teach throughout the summer and recommend that students maintain skills and take lessons during this time. Summer and Fall scheduling are linked by the same tuition deposit. Fall Tuition Deposit & Summer Lesson Policy: In order to reserve a spot with your current teacher in the FALL schedule, the two following actions are required: 1. Turn in a nonrefundable $50 tuition deposit to be applied to fall tuition AND 2. Schedule at least 4 lessons during the summer term. This policy is due to the large attrition rate often seen in summer, loss of skills, and the inability to schedule the large volume of new summer students interested in fall study with their summer teacher.

7.0 Payment Schedule

7.1 Payment Due Dates

Full Payment due January 8 Half Payments due January 8 and March 1 Monthly Payments (approx. 1/5 of total) due January 8, February 1, March 1, April 1, and May 1

7.2 Credit Card Clients

If you are signed up for our automatic payment system for credit cards, your card will be charged on the following dates: Full Payment: January 8 Half Payments: January 8, March 1 Monthly Payments: January 8, February 1, March 1, April 1, May 1

7.3 Family Discount

Families with more than one individual studying privately for a full semester will receive one free lesson per semester (Fall and Spring only) for the second student, as well as for any additional students.

Lesson Pricing

We offer to pricing options, contact us with any questions.

Monthly Plan

  • Fixed, monthly price for weekly lessons, charged on a recurring basis on the 1st of the month
  • Locked-in pricing that does not increase for as long as you maintain the plan
  • Priced at approximately 3.5 lessons per month versus 4-5 lesson weeks available each month, which builds in a buffer for prorations and cancellations
  • Clear, transparent, easy-to-understand monthly billing
Clarinet & Cello Lessons:
  • 30 Min: $160/month
  • 45 Min: $230/month
  • 60 Min: $295/month
Voice, Piano, Violin/Viola, Guitar, Ukulele Lessons:
  • 30 Min: $160/month
  • 45 Min: $230/month
  • 60 Min: $295/month
Dana V/Katie Studios Reservation:
  • 30 Min: $160
  • 45 Min: $2230
  • 60 Min: $295
The Fine Print:
  • Cancel anytime with 30 days’ notice
  • 10% discount on the 2nd and subsequent plan(s) for siblings and students taking two or more instruments
  • An allowance for prorations and absences is built into the pricing, so no prorations are offered
  • Consistent with our current policy, students are entitled to two makeup lessons per semester for absences that were communicated to Dana V Music at least 24 hours in advance
  • A make-up lesson or a substitute teacher at the normal lesson time will be offered in the event of a teacher absence

Our Teachers

We have a lot of awesome music instructors here at Dana V, some of our amazing teachers are below. For a full list of our teachers see our staff page. [staff id=”6291″][/staff] [staff id=”6304″][/staff] [staff id=”6277″][/staff] [staff id=”6288″][/staff] [staff id=”6301″][/staff] [staff id=”6316″][/staff] [staff id=”6326″][/staff] [staff id=”6298″][/staff]