About Green Brooms Music Academy

At Green Brooms Music Academy, we believe that every student is unique — and their music lessons should be, too. Since 2008, we have provided students of all ages the opportunity to learn and discover music at their own pace and in line with their own interests.

kids learning the musical notes

About Green Brooms

And yet, our individualized approach is rooted in a deep appreciation for the universal way in which music connects us all. Not only does music provide an opportunity to learn something new, but it also allows us to bond with one another over the joy of sound.

Green Brooms Music Academy strives to be a space for this connection to flourish. We challenge students to reach their goals and take risks. We honor the aspirations of our most dedicated students, helping them to pursue music as a lifelong profession. We revel in the opportunity to help someone uncover a new talent or hobby. Whatever path leads you to us, we’re confident our experienced teachers and dedicated studio can meet your needs and more.

Music lessons enrich every student’s life in ways big and small. If you’re ready to open yourself to learning and growing (while having fun), we want to hear from you! Contact us today to schedule your first lesson.

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