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Enrich your life: dance, learn, and perform. 

Award-winning studio providing dance education in a fun and family-friendly environment. Recreational, Virtual, and Competitive programs are available.
About Us

Let our teachers be your guide!

Our dance instructors are skilled artists themselves and passionate teachers. They are committed to your success and growth. Teaching is a conduit for our amazing staff to pass on their passion for dance to the next generation.

Meet our Teachers

“Our daughter *loves* her dance exploration class. The instructors are fantastic and use age appropriate techniques for teaching the basics. Have you ever tried to get ten 3-4 year olds to do anything? They’ve got it down to a science and have all the kids following along! ”

— Julianna Hart

“Such a wonderfully inviting space. It’s a much welcome addition to the community. I don’t see it as just a dance studio, but rather a place where you can really explore your creativity and grow as an artist, because they offer a variety of classes and dance genres. ”

— Tiffany Williams

“I have nothing but good things to say about this place. My kid loves it, the owners is caring and works hard to make sure everyone is happy. Keep up the good work! ”

— Ina Pineda

Frequently Asked Questions


What age groups do you cater to at the dance studio?

At The Dance Factory, we welcome young dancers from ages 3 to adults! Our classes are tailored to suit the unique needs and interests of each age group, ensuring a positive and enriching dance experience for every child.

How do I enroll my child in dance classes?

Enrolling your child is easy! Visit our registration links and choose the class that best suits you!

How many students are in each class, and what are the benefits of different class sizes?

Class sizes vary by age group and style. Younger classes tend to be smaller and often have a classroom assistant. Classes for older students may be larger depending on the kind of style being taught and the space required.

What dance styles do you offer for children?

We offer a diverse range of dance styles to spark the creativity and passion of our young dancers. From classical ballet to energetic jazz and modern hip-hop, there’s something for every child to explore and enjoy at The Dance Factory. Currently, we teach ballet, jazz, contemporary, jazz, musical theater, hip-hop, and acro. Check out our class descriptions for more details!

Are there any performance opportunities for the students?

Absolutely! We believe in celebrating the progress and achievements of our dancers. Throughout the year, we organize exciting recitals and performances where your child can showcase their newfound dance skills to family and friends. It’s a fantastic way to build confidence and create lasting memories.

Dance Lessons for All Ages & Skill Levels