Dance Classes in Fairfield, CA

Dance Classes Kids, Teens & Adults

At The Dance Factory, we pride ourselves on creating a nurturing and supportive environment where students of all ages can thrive. Our professionally structured classes offered weekly, are designed not only to educate but also to challenge our students, fostering their growth in the world of dance.

We understand the importance of self-esteem, confidence, and ability in the journey of a dancer. These qualities are nurtured and elevated through consistent encouragement, skill-building exercises, the development of lasting friendships, and a culture of accountability.

At The Dance Factory, we offer a wide array of dance classes tailored for children aged 3 to adults. We believe in the transformative power of dance in enriching lives. Our classes focus on the holistic development of our students through dancing, practicing, and performing. We recognize that your passion is the catalyst for your progress in dance.

Dance Classes We Teach

We offer classes in diverse dance styles, each designed to ignite your passion and enhance your skills.

Ballet All Ages


Ballet is a foundational dance form that provides grace, poise, and technique required to excel in all other areas of dance. Ballet focuses on balance, posture, discipline, flexibility, with clear concise execution of technique. Another new addition to the staff will be in ballet.

Hip Hop All Ages

Hip Hop

In the Hip Hop Dance Intensive the grades 8-10 training, different styles in hip hop are born. The intense dance is for students who are wanting to excel in the newest and latest hip hop crazes with intense momentum, choreography, dance moves to grow and show, and enhance. It’s fun, energetic, and creative that evolves.

Tap All Ages


In tap dance class, you’ll be using your musical ear as well as your toenails and heels of the shoes to broaden the experience of the most rapid, toe taps. Toe taps in this class are challenging, as you learn various steps and rhythms that differ in variety of sound and pitch.

Jazz All Ages


Jazz dance includes strength, flexibility, and coordination including kicks, leaps, and turns. In Jazz class, the dance combinations, turns, and kicks are longer as the students grow and advance. Great for dancers interested in fun dance steps that are used for all forms of dance to advance their dance resume.

Acro All Ages


Acro is great for students 9+! Beginner level through to the strong intermediate and up. Work on learning to grow and gain overall flexibility, strength, agility, and conditioning. Students learn how to master handstands, aerial tumbling, chest stands, cartwheels, and more.

Contemporary/Modern Age 10+


Contemporary Dance, suited for dancers 10+, focuses on expressive movement, combining modern dance fluidity with ballet’s technical discipline. Dancers will explore improvisation, dynamic floor work, and emotional expression through a diverse range of movements and contemporary choreography.

Musical Theater Age 10+

Musical Theater

In our Musical Theater classes, we focus on Broadway-style jazz! Using current and classic Broadway scores, we emphasize musicality, acting, and audience connection.

Lyrical Age 10+


Our Lyrical dance classes incorporate both ballet and jazz techniques, encouraging students to explore movements that express the emotions of the music’s lyrics.

Age Groups We Teach

Explore our wide range of dance classes, catering to different age groups and skill levels. From toddlers to adults, we have a rhythm for everyone.

Starting dance is as easy as 1-2-3!

Together we explore students’ dance goals.

We match students with one of our expert instructors.

Start dancing! Parents get progress updates as we prepare for performances.