Lyrical Dance Classes in Fairfield, CA

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At The Dance Factory, anyone can learn lyrical dance

Lyrical dance combines elements of ballet to create a soft style that emphasizes the storytelling quality of music. An emphasis is placed on grace and fluidity, musicality, and expressiveness to capture emotion through movement.

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Our Approach to Lyrical Dance Classes

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Dance Lessons Should Be Fun!

We understand that your initial attraction to lyrical dance is what brings you to our school, but it’s the pleasure and excitement of expressive movement that keeps you coming back. Our aim is for every student to absolutely LOVE their lyrical dance classes, embarking on an enriching journey of emotional expression and personal discovery. We inject the “fun” into the fundamentals of lyrical dance!

Our talented team expertly blends high-quality lyrical dance education with a creative, student-focused approach. This provides students the opportunity to explore and cultivate their love for emotive and expressive movement. Whether you’re entering a dance studio for the first time or you’re a seasoned dancer, our instructors are prepared to assist you in rapidly advancing towards your goals, ensuring that each session is enjoyable and inspiring.

We Emphasize Healthy Technique

Healthy technique is critical to lifelong enjoyment of the dance. Our first priority is teaching strong fundamentals, including safe stretching, technique, vocabulary, and choreography. We believe that thoughtful instruction is essential to dance development and safeguards students from injury.

Once the fundamentals are in place, you can design your journey. Our qualified teachers will assist you in developing your dance and exploring different styles and programs. Learn with us as we infuse elements of performance throughout the year along with year-end recitals into our well-rounded approach to fostering dance excellence.

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“Our daughter *loves* her dance exploration class. The instructors are fantastic and use age appropriate techniques for teaching the basics. Have you ever tried to get ten 3-4 year olds to do anything? They’ve got it down to a science and have all the kids following along! ”

— Julianna Hart

“Such a wonderfully inviting space. It’s a much welcome addition to the community. I don’t see it as just a dance studio, but rather a place where you can really explore your creativity and grow as an artist, because they offer a variety of classes and dance genres. ”

— Tiffany Williams

“I have nothing but good things to say about this place. My kid loves it, the owners is caring and works hard to make sure everyone is happy. Keep up the good work! ”

— Ina Pineda

Starting dance is as easy as 1-2-3!

Together we explore students’ dance goals.

We match students with one of our expert instructors.

Start dancing! Parents get progress updates as we prepare for performances.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What are the qualifications and experience of the dance instructors?

Our team is comprised of passionate and qualified professionals. All teachers participate in our classroom training and background checks. Many have performance experience and/or relevant degrees and are passionate about sharing their love for the art form with the next generation.

Are there any performance opportunities for the students?

Absolutely! We believe in celebrating the progress and achievements of our dancers. Throughout the year, we organize exciting recitals and performances where the students can showcase their newfound dance skills to family and friends. It’s a fantastic way to build confidence and create lasting memories.

When should my child start lyrical dance classes?

Many dancers start class as young as preschool age, but dance is an activity that can be started at any age.

What are the benefits of lyrical dance classes?

Lyrica dance classes improve physical fitness, enhance flexibility and coordination, boost creativity and self-expression, and provide a way to release stress and improve mental well-being.

How often are the classes held?

We offer weekly classes. You can see our schedule here.

What’s the dress code for lyrical dance lessons?

You can learn more about the dance attire for the classes here