Cassandra Tosh


Cassandra Tosh

About Cassandra Tosh

Cassandra is violist and violinist from Indianapolis, Indiana, and is the principal violist with the Fox Valley symphony orchestra. She completed her master’s degree in music at Butler University studying viola performance with Richard Auldon Clark, while performing her duties as the Graduate Assistant to the BSO and principal viola. She also composed a string trio under the guidance of Clark in the spring of 2020 during her bachelor’s degree in music. In 2022, she won the principal viola position and solo for the ballet Giselle. Cassandra has performed in a variety of settings, including chamber, ballet, opera, and theatre. She especially enjoys playing viola in the Woomblies Rock Orchestra, based in Indianapolis. Cassandra began teaching violin and viola in 2013.

She enjoys teaching students of all ages and ability, and emphasizes a balance of fun and structure. Cassandra tailors the repertoire, pace, and intensity of her lessons to the goals and needs of each student, understanding that each one is different. When possible, she likes to incorporate theory and ear training. Her primary goals are creating well-rounded students that never lose their passion for playing music. Tosh also enjoys teaching a wide variety of genres, including Celtic and bluegrass, and likes to encourage her students to explore different styles.

Besides teaching music, she plays guitar and is a passionate artist and power-lifter in her free time.

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