Violin and Cello Lessons in Naperville, Illinois

Our Approach to Violin and Cello Lessons

The string teachers at Musical Expressions have not only mastered the instruments themselves, but also the process of teaching them to dedicated and driven students. We encourage students to explore within our safe and supportive environment, while simultaneously develop a strong foundation of proper technique and execution. Violin lessons at Musical Expressions allow you to truly thrive as a musician.

Violin & Cello Lessons Should Be Fun!

The only thing sweeter than the sound of a violin or Cello is the experience students will have at Musical Expressions. We pair the sophistication of these classic string instruments with an unwavering commitment to fun. We want each of our students to LOVE their music lessons!

Our teaching staff expertly blends a high standard of music education with a creative, student-focused approach that gives students space to discover and nurture their passion for music and the violin. Whether you’re looking to pick up the instrument for the first time or want to earn the first chair in your orchestra, our teachers are ready to help you progress quickly toward your goals – while having fun along the way.

We Emphasize Healthy Technique

Strong fundamentals are key to efficient, effortless playing and optimal sound. We teach students essential instrument care and set-up, tuning, healthy playing posture, bowing, and hand positioning. Our skilled instructors also take students through regular ear training exercises to foster the development of good pitch.

Additionally, we strive to ensure our students become literate musicians through lessons in scales, music theory, rhythm, and sight-reading. More advanced students will build a broader repertoire of technique, including vibrato, double-stop and chord playing; more advanced bow strokes such as spiccato, sautillé, and up-bow staccato; and other higher-level musicianship concepts such as phrase analysis and score studying skills.

We Care About Your Musical Interests & Goals

At NAME, we are delighted to work with students of all abilities seeking to enrich their lives through music. Our teachers take an individualized approach to each student – underpinned by detailed individual assessments, a thorough and logical sequence of skill development and training, and one-on-one guidance throughout your musical journey. 

Your experience at Musical Expressions will be uniquely yours. Come and learn from our talented instructors, many of whom can connect you with performance and competitive opportunities, should you wish to pursue your craft on a larger stage.

Few instruments are as challenging or as beautiful as stringed instruments. Learning to play the violin, viola, or cello can be a true testament to dedication and skill alike. At Musical Expressions, we have a number of teachers on staff who can help students of all ages and experience levels master stringed instruments and develop their musical capabilities. Whether you’re a beginner or experienced musician, you’ll find that violin lessons at Musical Expressions in Naperville are both fun and rewarding.

Our string instructors come to you with unique backgrounds, ranging from concert performers to prestigious educators. Our teachers have navigated their own musical journeys expertly – and are dedicated to passing along knowledge and wisdom to the next generation of violinists and cellists. They do so by customizing lesson plans around the goals of their students and providing a well-rounded education upon which musicians can grow and develop.

We’re dedicated to helping you achieve your goals with violin lessons, allowing you to direct the paths we explore together. With no bounds on the creative expression we foster, you’ll quickly master your own sound on stringed instruments.


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Our Teachers

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Our Teachers

Svitlana Kmit

Svitlana Kmit


​Svitlana Kmit Antons was born in Ukraine and has been playing the violin since she was seven. She received her education from the Lviv Musical College and one of the most prestigious

Learn More

Catalin Lari

Catalin Lari

Violin & Viola

Catalin Lari was born in Romania, and started to study music at the age of 6 playing accordion in his town of birth, Nasaud. When he was 10 years old Catalin moved

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Frequently Asked Questions About Violin Lessons

What is the minimum age to start violin or cello lessons at Musical Expressions?

At Musical Expressions, we work with students of all ages. Our personalized approach ensures that everyone can find value in our violin lessons. The earliest we recommend starting violin or cello lessons is five years old. This ensures that students have the reading and comprehension skills necessary to succeed. Additionally, this is typically the age students begin to have better control over their attention span and can actively engage for the duration of their violin lessons.

Do I need any prior experience?

Starting a classical instrument like the violin can be a challenging and sometimes overwhelming experience. Our teachers are here to help! If you’re considering starting violin lessons for the first time, here’s the answers to some questions you may have.

What styles of music can I learn?

We can teach violin and other string instruments in a number of different styles. Our instructors all have unique experiences that lend themselves to different styles, depending on the preferences and interests of the students. From jazz to fiddle tunes to concerta, the options are limitless at Musical Expressions.

What books will I need?

Your violin teacher will work with you to identify the resources that will best serve your musical journey. Depending on your interests and preferred styles, different books, videos, and other resources will be more beneficial. Your teacher will provide you with a list of the materials you’ll need after learning more about your goals.

What string instrument is right for me?

Choosing between the many string instruments available can be challenging. Don’t stress, though. Our teachers can guide you to the instrument that will best align with your goals. Whether you choose the violin, viola, or cello, you’ll find an experienced teacher at our Naperville music school who can support you. 

Why Come to Musical Expressions for Violin Lessons?

When you’re looking for a school where you can enroll in violin lessons, there’s certain things you’ll want to consider. The philosophy of the school you choose will be an integral part of your learning experience as a student. 

At Musical Expressions, it is our philosophy that helps us stand apart from other schools in the area. Our student-oriented approach puts you in control of your experience, guided by our highly-educated and certified teachers.

We also believe in providing our students with a well-rounded education that supports their violin lessons. In addition to tactical applications of technique, we’ll also focus on music theory and music history to ensure every student has the resources to excel.

The learning environment at Musical Expressions is free of judgement, restrictions, and stress. You’re encouraged and empowered to express yourself and explore your capabilities within a supportive space.

Ready to Begin Violin Lessons in Naperville?

If you’re interested in learning to play a string instrument like the violin, viola, or cello, Musical Expressions welcomes you.
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Our Reviews

  • Musical Expressions is a great place to learn and experience music!

    Phil L.
  • As a band director and published composer, I was particular in finding a musically-rich studio environment for my son. Well, we found it. Musical Expressions is a bright and cheerful enterprise providing top-notch instruction in a most musician-friendly way.

    Tim L.
  • We are very satisfied with Musical Expressions and their teachers. The children love to come to their lessons. They have made a lot of progress within the past 2 years. We will continue to recommend the studio.

    Lucy D.
  • I love my lessons. As a teen I enjoy the independence and respect Erik [Swanson] gives me and his depth of musical diversity is only surpassed by his technical skill.

    Andrew B.
  • I recently signed up my grandson for piano lessons at Musical Expressions. The studio is friendly and inviting. Tim has only had a few lessons but we can already see improvement. Their teachers really keep the students entertained and alert! It is great to see all of the smiling faces in the waiting room. The facility is very clean and well maintained. What a great place!

    Martha S.
  • Sue Good has given me so much more than just the ability to play the piano. Her positive approach to teaching has encouraged me to continue to grow both musically and as an individual. Sue, thank you for everything you have given me. You will always be special to me!

    Rachel R.
  • I have three children studying piano with Yee Seer [See]. She is a great teacher. The children enjoy working with her. She has given them great musical experiences.

    Martha B.
  • Dearest Sue [Good], you have been much more than a piano and music teacher to our family. You have become a dear friend and a part of the family. Thank you from the bottoms of our hearts for all your care, wisdom, and love not just for our girls, but for everyone around you! We look forward to a long, happy relationship with you and the studio!

    Elena V.
  • Kristofer has been a student of Greg Luberda for the past two years. I was looking for an instructor who was comfortable with teaching piano to precocious young boys and was assured Greg would be just the person. The advice was on target, Greg has the patience of Job as well as the level of firmness needed to ensure Kristofer stays on task. My son has grown in ability and musical competence over these past two years. He enjoys his piano lessons, maybe not so much having to practice piano daily, but continued piano development is clear.

    Irma S.
  • I love the creative ways different teachers explain the art of music. They make learning fun rather than making it seem like a chore. With Alex, he chooses fun warm ups and songs that you will not only learn from, but enjoy doing.

    Ella S.
  • I study voice with Bridget [Becker]. She is absolutely amazing! I feel very lucky to have such a fantastic teacher!

    Celeste C.
  • When my 12-year-old daughter and I decided she’d like to take voice lessons I searched the Internet for voice teachers near Glen Ellyn. Musical Expressions caught my eye because of all the types of lessons they offer. When I inquired about lessons via e-mail they got back to me the same day so I knew they were organized – definitely a plus! They said one of their voice teachers, Bridget Becker, had openings so I scheduled her first lesson. We were both so pleased to meet Bridget. I took voice lessons throughout high school and I think my daughter has already learned more in three months than I did! Bridget is such a genuinely kind and supportive teacher. We are so pleased to be part of the Musical Expressions family!

    Kathy N.
  • My daughter enjoys her voice lessons [with Bridget Becker] and looks forward to them every week. Singing makes her happy. I, as a parent, enjoy supporting her in activities that make her happy.

    Karen F.
  • As parents that studied music from grade school through college, we wanted to make sure our daughter received quality lessons once she started an instrument in school. We found that in Musical Expressions and Josh Malave!

    Since starting Cello lessons, 2 months ago, we have noticed a big improvement in not only her bowing and sound, but in her confidence level. She doesn’t shy away from playing at home, and actually has fun practicing!

    She is truly enjoying her lessons and we are excited to see her continued progress!

    Matthew & Stephanie F.
  • I just stopped in the office to let you know how much Emily is enjoying her cello lessons with Mary [McGinty]! Emily is practicing more and really progressing beautifully. We feel very fortunate to have such a dedicated and talented teacher. We love Musical Expressions. This studio is such a gem!

    Keith D.
  • Being a musician and an athlete is definitely possible; it requires good communication and scheduling flexibility. Nicholas has been taking lessons with Bobby Clark for the last 2 years. During this time, she got to know who Nicholas was both as a musician and an athlete. She is extremely understanding with his schedule and works with us to schedule his music lessons around athletic activities. Nicholas has grown as a musician under Bobby’s guidance. We are extremely appreciative of the partnership that we have with Bobby that allows Nicholas to continue growing musically and stay involved in the athletics that he enjoys.

    Amy J.
  • Bobby [Calebaugh Clark] is a great horn teacher who has introduced me to a lot of new music and materials that I haven’t experienced before. She has wonderfully improved my skill level, confidence, and performance ability!

    Maria R.
  • Stephen has been a drum student with Ron [Spaeth] for several years. Ron has a great teaching personality and our son looks forward to every lesson. We will continue to recommend Musical Expressions to friends and family members.

    Christina G.
  • I’ve been taking lessons with Ed [Breckenfeld] for about a year and a half. He always finds ways to challenge my abilities and keeps it fun by giving me new songs to learn each week. Ed is a great drum teacher. I really feel like he cares about my progress as a musician.

    Patrick B.
  • For a long time I’ve wished that I could play guitar and I finally decided to try lessons. Patrick Dugan is absolutely great. Aside from being an amazing guitar player, he’s a fantastic instructor. He goes above and beyond to help me learn and keep it interesting. I recommend Patrick and Musical Expressions to anyone interested in learning guitar.

    Chad B.
  • For a long time I’ve wished that I could play guitar and I finally decided to try lessons. Patrick Dugan is absolutely great. Aside from being an amazing guitar player, he’s a fantastic instructor. He goes above and beyond to help me learn and keep it interesting. I recommend Patrick and Musical Expressions to anyone interested in learning guitar.

    Alex H.
  • Patrick Dugan is really great to work with. He has shown me many techniques for practicing at home and has managed to keep learning fun!

    Alex H.
  • Enjoying the lessons with Pat Dugan – they are taking me out of my comfort zone and making me practice (probably for the first time in 20 years!). I like learning the new cords & fingerings.” Outside of lessons I play in a band every week at my church.

    I would recommend lessons here at Musical Expressions to anyone – any age!

    Nick M.
  • My son is learning well and progressing with the help of his horn teacher, Bobby Clark. These lessons give him confidence to do better in middle school band class.

    Venkat D.
  • I feel like I am learning because I have improved a lot! I think I should go to one hour lessons!

    Punith D.
  • I love lessons! The music is a challenge and it’s really worth it! I absolutely love Bobby because I have learned a lot in the time that I have been here and I have made lots of progress. I look forward to coming every week! The recital was a great experience for me because it was the first time ever doing a solo with an accompanist. I look forward to many more years here. And, I think Bobby is wonderful!

    Christian Q.
  • My daughter takes music lessons with Bobby Clark. She is very helpful and it’s obvious that she loves to teach! We really like the teacher and the staff at Musical Expressions. They go the extra mile.

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