Voice Lessons in Naperville, Illinois

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Our Approach to Voice Lessons

Singing lessons at our Naperville music school are for everyone. We’re passionate about meeting musicians where they are and building a curriculum around their needs. Achieve the sound and skill you’re looking for will take hard work and dedication, but rest assured that you’ll enjoy every minute of your voice lessons with our passionate and enthusiastic staff.

Voice Lessons in Naperville, Illinois

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Voice Lessons Should Be Fun!

Finding your own voice is one of life’s great pleasures – and learning how to use it makes that feeling even sweeter! At Musical Expressions, we want every student to LOVE their music lessons and find fulfillment in learning how to sing. 

Our voice teachers create a positive and supportive learning environment where you can succeed, no matter your starting point or level of experience. Whether you are singing in a choir, a musical theatre ensemble, as a soloist, or just in the car, our experienced teachers can help you build confidence and have fun, while working on music you enjoy.

We Emphasize Healthy Technique

Singing may look simple enough, but the voice is a complex series of systems that form an expressive and delicate living instrument inside of each of us. Perhaps more than any other musical discipline, having an experienced voice teacher to assist you in training these processes to work together is key to healthy, lifelong enjoyment of singing.

Musical Expressions’ highly-trained instructors will assist you in learning strong fundamentals including proper breathing, diction, resonance, stage presence, and non-verbal expression. We strive to ensure that our voice students become literate musicians, so lessons will also include discussions of music theory, history, and rhythm. Mastering these technical basics will broaden your horizons and allow you to explore many different styles and genres of music in the future!

We Care About Your Musical Interests & Goals

We teach all styles of singing, including musical theatre, classical, contemporary/pop, jazz, country, and folk. Your voice is unique – and therefore, your instruction should be, too. Whether you are a beginner, have some experience, or are an accomplished performer with a desire to further develop your skills, our teachers will provide customized guidance designed to advance your individual goals.

Learn from our experienced staff of professional singers and graduates from several prestigious musical programs. At Musical Expressions, we approach each lesson with a goal of inspiring creativity, instilling confidence, and exploring the dimensions of what your special voice can do.

Our Voice Teachers:

While you may have discredited voice lessons for yourself in the past, we’re here to tell you that your voice is actually an instrument that can be tuned and developed. Anyone can learn to sing with the right attitude and support from experienced teachers. At Musical Expressions, we’re passionate about helping students harness their musical prowess and become talented singers.

“As a band director and published composer, I was particular in finding a musically-rich studio environment for my son. Well, we found it. Musical Expressions is a bright and cheerful enterprise providing top-notch instruction in a most musician-friendly way.”

— Tim L

“We are very satisfied with Musical Expressions and their teachers. The children love to come to their lessons. They have made a lot of progress within the past 2 years. We will continue to recommend the studio.”

— Lucy D.

“I have three children studying piano with Yee Seer [See]. She is a great teacher. The children enjoy working with her. She has given them great musical experiences.”

— Martha B.

“I love my lessons. As a teen I enjoy the independence and respect Erik [Swanson] gives me and his depth of musical diversity is only surpassed by his technical skill.”

— Andrew B.

“I love the creative ways different teachers explain the art of music. They make learning fun rather than making it seem like a chore. With Alex, he chooses fun warm ups and songs that you will not only learn from, but enjoy doing.”

— Ella S.

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What you can expect

Together we explore student musical goals

We match students with one of our expert instructors.

Start attending lessons! Parents can receive progress reports each week.

We Offer Simple Pricing to Fit Your Schedule & Budget


30 min



30 minute lessons are great for learning the basics and building a strong foundation.



45 min



Fit for both beginners & intermediate students who need more than 30 minutes.



60 min



Longer lessons, perfect for motivated, intermediate or advanced musicians.


Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the minimum age to start voice lessons at Musical Expressions?

As we age, our voices change. When considering singing lessons in the Naperville area, we recommend students begin no earlier than age six because of the developmental stages that affect your voice.
Children and adults will require a very different approach to singing. Where adults can better grasp the techniques and physicality of good vocal production, children are best left to explore without boundaries. With the right teacher, singers of all ages can find their voice.

Do I need any prior experience?

We work with singers of all skill levels at Musical Expressions. If you’re new to singing lessons, we understand that it may be intimidating to get started. Not to worry – we’ll guide you through every step to provide you with a positive and exciting experience for each and every voice lesson at our studio.

What styles of music can I learn?

With a number of teachers on staff, you’ll find a truly limitless environment where you can develop your singing capabilities. Our teachers have served as performers, instructors, and even students themselves, so they can support all the unique paths that your musical journey may take. Let us know what styles of singing appeal to you and we’ll be sure to match you with a voice teacher who perfectly suits your needs.

What books will I need?

Once you begin voice lessons at Musical Expressions, your instructor will provide you with a comprehensive list of books and other resources that will help you achieve your goals through singing lessons.

Why come to Musical Expressions for singing lessons?

It is important for you to find a music school and vocal teacher who is a good fit. Skill, expertise, approach, and personality will all play into your experience. 
At Musical Expressions, we pride ourselves on our unique approach to music lessons. We customize the lessons to the student, instead of forcing the students to adhere to a one-size-fits-all approach. This ensures students can freely express themselves and create a path that suits their wants and needs. 
Additionally, we have a number of singing teachers on staff, all of whom have unique backgrounds and experiences they bring to your voice lessons. They leverage this, along with a number of other resources to ensure that every student can take advantage of a well-rounded and comprehensive approach to music instruction.

Ready to begin voice lessons in Naperville?

If you think you have a knack for singing and what to try voice lessons from trained professionals who are passionate about your success, look no further than Musical Expressions. 
Learn more about what our singing lessons entail and schedule your first one today!

Start your music journey today!

In order to develop vocal skills, you must approach lessons with a comprehensive perspective. It starts with finding the right instructor. You’ll want to ensure that you engage with voice teachers who understand the importance of the various different elements of music, including music theory, music history, rhythm, and tune. By combining all of this into personally tailored singing lessons, you can build a strong foundation upon which your voice can develop.

Novice singers and experienced vocalists alike can benefit from singing lessons at Musical Expressions. Our teachers welcome students with all backgrounds and skill levels to enhance their musical capabilities through one-on-one instruction.