Ben Wolgamuth

Guitar, Drums & Bass

Ben Wolgamuth

About Ben Wolgamuth

Ben Wolgamuth is a Lakewood-based music producer, audio engineer, songwriter, and working multi-instrumentalist. He was the lucky recipient of a roundabout music education, including an Associate of Arts degree from the small but mighty Tri-C Metro Campus Jazz Studies program, as well as stints at Berklee College of Music in Boston and the Recording Workshop in Chillicothe, OH. Perhaps most important to his development as a musician, though, was the countless nights honing his performance talents in bars and basements from the age of fourteen. Having grown up at the exact geographic midpoint between Cleveland and Akron, Ben spent much of his adolescent free time driving 45 minutes each way to play indie and alternative music to crowds both small and uninterested. It’s gotten better since then: he can be found, at least a few nights out of the week, at the local spots playing with Flipcoin, TYSFC, The Bears & The Bees, or Jason Kaminski’s band, barring personal injury or a global pandemic.

As a guitar, drums, and bass teacher, Ben hopes to help each of his students understand and achieve their individual goals on their respective instruments. In a world of widely diverse musical disciplines, genres, and cultures, he aims to expose students to new ideas while maintaining a focus on what is specifically important to them. Given his audio engineering background, he also works to provide practical insight into the recording process that he wishes he had been given when he was starting out. Ultimately, his goal with all of his students is to show them – or remind them – that the reason we play music at all is because it’s a lot of fun.

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