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Students love our school

My daughter loves going to her lessons

Lisa Jones

I’ve come here for jam sessions, workshops, and just to plain shop for music supplies. The staff is super friendly and helpful and the prices are reasonable. I’ve never done a lesson but from looking at their pricing and options as a musician myself, I think the variety of options and pricing is very fair. […]

Diana L.

She’s doing awesome and loves her (Music FunTime) lessons. She talks about music class all week, and she’s only two and tells all the kids at daycare how much fun she has. Every circle she sees is a whole note so she’s starting to incorporate her music teachings into everyday life! She just loves coming […]

A. Koskey

My teacher is amazing she goes in depth and always gives me feedback about what I should practice by myself. So far I’ve learned quite a bit.

Jeffery Welfey

She LOVES it. Goal setting has made her excited to practice at home.

MB Hooper

I couldn’t be happier with my lessons. Maria continues to be an excellent instructor as I’ve made a lot of progress during my time at LMA. She has a way of taking her students level be level that’s both challenging and easy to understand. I drive 50 minutes to get to LMA for my lessons […]

Amy Trosino

I love them (lessons). I’ve taken classes at the Beck, Oberlin College and CSU but Lakewood Music Academy is better. The teacher is amazing!

Stephanie Czekalinski

They both enjoyed it very much and can’t wait to come back Monday. Thank you so much for making it such a positive experience for them, especially since I wasn’t able to be there. I really appreciate it.

Melissa Kennedy

She can be extremely shy and it was a big deal to see how at ease Noah mad her feel. He really made sure she got off to a great start. We’re looking forward to next week. Thank you.

Amy Ries

He joined his school’s rock club and I was just informed by his teacher that he did really well and they could tell he has had training! He was moved to tears and so was I. So shout out to Mr. Fred and Lakewood Music academy! I appreciate the time and effort that has gone […]

Iris Dahlke