Rockband Class for Ages 4-7 in Louisville, KY

Have you noticed your 4 or 5-year-old singing around the house or maybe clapping along with their favorite song or video? Are thinking you would like to get them involved in music but not sure where to start or what instrument to choose for them?

If your Kiddo is at least 4 years old, they are the perfect age for our little kid’s rock band program. They will learn how to sing, and play guitar, keyboard, and drums in a band with other kids their age. They will perform with their bandmates in a mini concert to a crowd of cheering fans! Who knows, maybe your kid could be on their way to be the next big rock star out of Louisville!

Why Parents Love KIDZROCK

  • 45 min weekly band practice
  • 3-month commitment and enrollment is month to month
  • No practicing at home is required, so you don’t have to struggle to get your child to practice
  • No instruments or books to buy. We supply all the instruments!
  • Performance at end of 3 month course

Come and see first-hand how our Kidzrock unique musical experience can change your kid’s life!

Class Schedule

Classes are 45 minutes long, and they meet 1-2 per week. The finalized dates and time will be announced soon. But feel free to reach out for more information.


“Kentucky Arts Academy has professional teachers and is rated one of the best so I figured I could give my daughter the opportunity to sing. KAA has helped my daughters self-esteem to be able to share the gift of singing that she has.”

— Parent

“Highly recommended, absolutely love this music academy. Teachers and staff are very professional and available when needed. It has been an amazing experience for my son, it has helped with self confidence. Very thankful that we found you guys!”

— Celeste G.

“We love this place! My daughter has been coming for over a year. She loves coming back to class, loves her teacher Mr. Josh. She has learned very well and has had the opportunity to explore voice and Piano before committing to Violin. We will be coming here for years!”

— Lucila D.

kids in group class learning music
voice student singing into a microphone in a studio

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