teacher and student studying music

Private Lessons

  • Price: $225/month
    • 30 minutes, once a week.

Young Beginner Lessons

  • Price: $118/month
    • 15 minutes, once a week.
    • Allows for make-up lessons with a 24-hour notice.

Group Classes

  • Price: $155/month
    • 50 minutes, once a week.
    • Make-up lessons are provided with a 5-hour notice, available by attending another class.

Note: Students have three months to schedule make-up lessons before they expire. Make-ups typically cannot be used in place of regular month’s tuition, exceptions may apply for students with a large number of accrued make-ups.

Family Lessons

  • Price: $314/month
    • 30 minutes, once a week for two students (family members or close friends).
    • Requires a 24-hour notice for a make-up lesson; only one make-up is issued.
    • If one student attends, the lesson counts for both. The absent student will not receive a make-up.

Ensemble Program

  • Price: $250/quarter
    • Seasons: Fall (Sept. – Dec.), Winter (Jan. – Mar.), Spring (Apr. – Jun.), Summer (Jul. – Aug.).
    • Teachers receive $50 per ensemble.
voice student singing into a microphone in a studio

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