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Did you start your music school out of a love of helping children discover the joy of music? As your business grew, did the demands of operations get in the way of doing the things you love most?

Ensemble Performing Arts buys music schools so owners can focus on their passions, spend more time with family or even retire. We’re committed to safeguarding our partner schools’ brand, business model, and standing in their community. Our hope for our school founders is that they have the peace of mind knowing that their legacies will live on for years to come. Schedule a call today to learn more about selling your music business.

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A Message From Our Founder

Jeff Homer | Founder of Ensemble Performing Arts

I’ve been a lifelong (but decidedly unexceptional!) student of music – through 10 years of piano lessons as a child, in my high school and college choirs, for a brief period as an aspiring drummer after college, and back to the piano as an adult.

Perhaps all that music study really did make me better at math, because I made it through an Economics degree at Harvard and out into the world of investing. I worked in Boston and later in New York City with a number of small- and medium-sized businesses to help them build infrastructure for scale and growth.

In 2018, I moved to Denver to take a job at a family investment office, but also started looking for a community-minded small business I could get involved with where I could apply my skills in a setting where I’d see my impact on real people, rather than on a spreadsheet. Happily, I came across a music school that was listed for sale and was instantly transported back to memories of my own journey through music. I realized I could make an important contribution supporting the business side of this school’s operations, which needed a lot of work if they were going to match the quality of the instruction. Ensemble Music Schools was born.

Over the last four years, we’ve built a platform with specialists for all of the behind-the-scenes tasks needed to support a music school’s operations, including marketing, finance and payroll, recruiting and teacher professional development, and tax and accounting. More importantly, we’ve worked with more than 25 dedicated and longtime owners to transition their schools to our ownership, allowing them to unlock the value in their beloved local businesses and free up time for other priorities like retirement, time with family, teaching, performing, and other business interests.

Ensemble is committed to safeguarding the musical legacy of the many founders and owners that have entrusted us with the future of their community. When we acquire a school, our primary objective is continuity for students, parents, and staff. We’ve retained the brand and identity of each of these schools, and have focused on our role behind the scenes building infrastructure to support a growing population of students to discover their potential through music.

If you’re interested in selling your music school, I would be delighted to work with you toward a similar transition for your business, whenever the time is right.

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