Paul Pfaff

Piano, Guitar

Paul Pfaff

About Paul Pfaff

I have taught master classes and performed for the Long Island Classical Guitar Society at C.W. Post, Long Island University.

I played in college guitar ensembles at Suffolk and UNLV, guitar quartets, chamber ensembles, and sang in college choirs. I have competed in guitar competitions such as the Reno guitar festival and Wilson Guitar Festivals.

In my youth, I played in rock and roll cover bands and heavy metal bands all across Long Island, New York. I compose original solo guitar pieces as well as make custom arrangements. I have sent students to the Nevada Silver State competitions and acted as one of the judges for the event. Some important milestones for me include winning a teacher award three times for having the most returning students.

What kinds of music do you like to listen to?

Gospel, folk music, Jazz, classical, R&B, Soundtracks and orchestral music, Bossa Nova, heavy metal, choir music, reggae, blues, solo piano, and absolutely anything fingerstyle guitar related!

Hobbies outside of music:

Hockey, building fish tank aquariums for freshwater fish, shrimp and plants, RC boats, and reading.

Favorite thing about Teaching:

Watching students achieve their musical goals and growing as musicians and as people, in both their knowledge and their skills. Above all else, my favorite thing about teaching music is making learning music more enjoyable, as it is meant to be enjoyable, both to listen to and to play.

Why do you believe music education is important?

Music connects to so many other interesting topics and areas of life like math, history, culture, language, and even physics. I believe music education is important for so many reasons. Learning music helps develop critical thinking skills, improves the performance of both hemishperes of the brain, music can be therapeutic and can increase creativity and help with memory, it can instill calmness or courage and be enjoyed in so many ways…listening, playing, dancing, creating and it can be a lifetime companion.