Mrs. Lulu


Mrs. Lulu

About Mrs. Lulu

Mrs. Lulu comes from China, Nanjing. She has completed her Bachelor’s studies in Pre-school Education (Music) field in both Changzhou Institute of Technology in China and VIA University College in Denmark. Mrs. Lulus’ entire fourth year of College was spent in Denmark. She was an exchange student and what she has learned – the culture, the language, and every other thing are valuable assets to her. It was during that time that she started to develop an open mind to different cultures and sensitivity about cultural differences.

Mrs. Lulu believes music is very important to children. She has the Vocal Music Performance Certificate awarded by the Musician Association of Jiangsu. She started playing piano when she was four and has gained plenty of experience in performing on stage.

She has two qualifications on her piano skill:

  1. Piano Level Ten (top level) awarded by the Musician Association of Jiangsu
  2. Piano Level Nine (top range) awarded by the China Music China Conservatory of Music

Mrs. Lulu has been teaching piano for more than six years. Most of her students are young children (ages 4-10) from 2013 to 2020. She has received the achievements of Scholarship for Outstanding Artworks and Art Performances and The ‘Chinese Dream’ National Tour of Arts Show (2014) the East Conference Final: The Gold Prize for Piano Performance by Adults. In 2017 Mrs. Lulu got the Excellent Advisor Award of Chopin’s Piano (amateur) Competition Teenagers.

Mrs. Lulu has an optimistic view on the world which gives her the passion to enjoy life and offer her hand to those in need. She is a team member and she thinks it is a honorable thing to work with children and fellow educators.