Joshua Johnson

Piano, Guitar and Art Teacher (online only)

Joshua Johnson

About Joshua Johnson

Joshua Johnson got his undergraduate degree in music education in 2011 from Pittsburg State University. While attending school, he worked at a local nationally accredited childcare center which had classrooms that ranged from infants to elementary age children.

Over 7 years he worked to develop relationships with the children, their parents, and fellow teachers, and gain vital experience in educating children.

After receiving a Bachelor of Music Education degree, he went on to work at the non-profit Childcare Aware, providing education and support to early childhood educators in a sixteen county region. This job focused on improving care and education in home, center and school based settings.

Also during this time, Joshua started teaching private individual music lessons to fifteen students in both piano and guitar.

Life then moved him to Austin, TX where he started teaching for Velocity Music Academy providing one-on-one instrumental music instruction in piano, guitar, and trumpet. Over the next 4 years he worked with 50+ students ranging from age 4 to adult, passing on his passion for music and learning.

Life then took him to Puerto Rico, where he worked as a freelance artist, using the internet to keep up with his desire for teaching, creating online video lessons in music as well as art. Now he is currently in Jacksonville, Florida, where he continues to provide online instruction.