Jerry Thompson

Guitar & Ukulele

Jerry Thompson

About Jerry Thompson

Jerry started playing guitar at age 11 and he and 2 friends started a garage band in junior high school. By age 18 he was teaching private lessons. Originally self-taught, he was later instructed in jazz guitar by Noel Smith and in classical guitar by Frank Hardcastle and Hansford Johnson (an Andre Segovia master class alum). He has attended guitar clinics and seminars by Robben Ford, Howard Roberts, Jerry Donahue, and Doyle Dykes.

Jerry taught at Amarillo College for 26 years where he taught guitar to classes as large as 35-40 students. Styles taught included Classical, Jazz, Rock, Country & Western, Modern Acoustic, Reggae, Heavy Metal, and others. Classes included music theory and were taught as individual performance and as ensembles (4-10 players). He has taught beginner to advanced private lessons to individual students for approximately 46 years and has taught at numerous band camps through the years.

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