Dr. Bradley Emerson


Dr. Bradley Emerson

About Dr. Bradley Emerson

Brad Emerson received a Doctorate in Piano Performance from the University of Texas at Austin under the instruction of Anton Nel. He additionally holds a Masters in Piano Performance from UT, and a Bachelors in the same discipline from the University of California Santa Barbara.

His prior teachers include Nancy Garrett and Charles Asche, as well as individual and group pedagogy instruction under Sophia Gilmson and Martha Hilley.

Brad initially asked to learn piano at a young age after being inspired by his mother’s playing. In lessons, he incorporates sight reading, music theory, improvisation, aural skills and technique, in addition to repertoire.

Alongside his studies as a concert musician, Brad worked as a church accompanist after only four years of study, and has experience in liturgical styles ranging from gospel to chant arrangement. An active performer, Dr. Emerson was recently featured in a solo concert at St. Mary’s Cathedral

Dr. Emerson’s musical interests also extend to topics of musical meaning and interpretive analysis. His published articles concern narrative design and symbolic meaning of larger solo piano works.

His research on the pianist-composer Nikolai Medtner has been presented at the Semiotics Society of America’s annual conference, and internationally at The British Library in London.

His current work on the pianist-composer Nikolai Medtner, a contemporary of Sergei Rachmaninoff, concerns narrative design and symbolic meaning found within his piano sonatas.

Brad’s research is being presented at the Semiotics Society of America and in a forthcoming lecture recital on the UT campus.