Zoe Perillo

Violin, Viola, Guitar & Ukulele

Zoe Perillo

About Zoe Perillo

Zoe is a violin, viola, and guitar teacher. She began playing violin in fifth grade not too far from here, at Manhattan Junior High School where she would rehearse before being bussed back to the elementary school. She began teaching herself guitar while she was in high school and really found a love for it in college, when she was required to take Guitar Methods for her Music Education degree at VanderCook College of Music. Throughout college, Zoe taught private lessons on violin, viola, and guitar as well as violin sectionals at a nearby high school. Immediately after college, she moved to Austin, Texas, to direct high school guitar and orchestra. After returning home, she continued to teach middle school music and decided to come back to private lessons following her time in public schools.

While performing is often a musician’s favorite thing to do, Zoe learned she prefers to teach and play alongside her students. She finds that watching students progress and find their musical personality is much more rewarding for her than putting on her own performance. You are more likely to find her writing riffs with coworkers and experimenting with sounds on the violin.

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