Matthew Kijowski


Matthew Kijowski

About Matthew Kijowski

Matthew Kijowski is a piano teacher and worship director in the city of Chicago. He received a Bachelors in Music in Music in Worship from North Park University where he received awards for chamber music and solo classical piano. Matthew began playing classical piano at age 6 and began leading worship music from the piano when he was in Junior High. He has been teaching at student’s homes and directing worship teams at various churches in the Chicago area for the past few years. He writes music, arranges music, and teaches many different styles of music due to his background in classical, pop, gospel, jazz, and other forms of contemporary music.

Matthew believes every student is uniquely gifted. He helps students discover their strengths and work on their weaknesses. He stresses the importance of an understanding of musical theory, aural skills, and rhythm. Matthew wants his students to be proud of their accomplishments and the music they play.

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