Farobag Homi C.


Farobag Homi C.

About Farobag Homi C.

Music Director of the Chicago Philharmonia Orchestra since 1985, Farobag Homi C. has also served as the Artistic Director of the University of Chicago’s Performing Artists Series from 1990 through 2002 and principal conductor of its resident professional ensembles, the Mostly Mozart Chamber Players and the Camerata Virtuosi. He is also a skilled interpreter of Baroque literature and as Music Advisor to the Baroque Masterplayers, Cooper’s stylistic renditions concatenate period performance techniques with modern instruments thus creating a unique voice within the realm of 17th and 18th- century repertoire.

His numerous credits include piano recitals at Carnegie Recital Hall and over 100 performances with the Metropolitan Opera in New York City. Accepted as a scholarship student in violin at the Manhattan School of Music, Farobag Homi C. continued studies in piano, theory, and conducting at the Eastman School of Music while simultaneously enrolled at the University of Rochester as a degree candidate in mathematics and philosophy. The Illinois Bureau of Tourism also featured Cooper and the Camerata Virtuosi through television commercials that were aired throughout the North American continent.

Befitting his penchant for encouraging artistic interest amongst younger members of his community, Farobag Homi C.co-founded the Zoroastrian Symphony Orchestra in 2000 that offers a unique mixture of young and seasoned professionals sitting side-by-side in a strictly professional setting. The ZSO has staged highly successful performances in Houston, Chicago, and Toronto and its most recent performance was once again in Houston in December 2010 for New Year’s eve.

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