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Group Classes For Ages 3 – 5 At The Music Connection

Music Explorers is our 32+ Week Early Childhood Music program that prepares our little musicians for private instrument study by laying the foundations for our children not only musically, but mentally, emotionally, and physically. Based on the National Standards, our course will take children on a journey of self, to space, to the sea and finally dinosaurs while teaching the very important fundamentals of music needed for long term study of a future instrument.


Music Explorers is a fabulous preparation to a more formal individual music instruction as the child grows. This class has a rich music curriculum that will comfortably segue young students onto a continued path of music education. Musical concepts such as steady beat, tone matching, listening skills, coordination, musical vocabulary, singing and playing classroom instruments are all taught by a music education professional.


Frequently Asked Questions


What dates will this class run?

Fall session starts soon. Contact us for more info!

What days of the week will this class meet?

What ages does this class serve?

Ages 3-5 years.

Have you ever wondered if your child will someday take private music lessons? 

Music Explorers is fabulous preparation for formal individual music instruction later on in their life, as the rich music curriculum will see young students comfortably perfect the basic skills needed to continue their music education journey.

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