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We are not actively offering cello lessons at this time, but please feel free to reach out to us for information on other instruments!

Our Approach to Cello Lessons

At The Music Connection, your musical goals and interests take center stage. That’s why we offer customized cello lessons based on your interests, needs, and goals. With this approach, we balance excellence with creativity, and your cello lessons are engaging and fun.

It’s our goal to provide you with a solid foundation in musicianship. In an engaging and fun environment, your instructor will teach you how to set up, hold, tune, and maintain your instrument. You’ll also learn to read music, play with other musicians, and reach your personal musical goals.

Cello Lessons Should Be Fun!

Don’t let size intimidate you! The cello, known for its rich tone, is one of the largest yet most gratifying instruments to learn. Our cello program at The Music Connection is founded on the basis of fun. We want all of our students to LOVE their cello lessons!

Our experienced instructors blend excellence in musical pedagogy with our focus on fun, helping you progress toward your goals. Whether you’re a beginning cellist or a seasoned professional, we want each lesson to bring you a smile and leave you eager to return for more.

We Emphasize Healthy Technique

Regardless of your level of proficiency, our skilled instructors will work with you to develop healthy technique. We’re as excited to teach strong fundamentals to beginners as we are to help experienced cellists further their relationship with the instrument. All students at The Music Connection will master the basics, including holding the cello and bow, generating beautiful tone, shifting, vibrato, and strong intonation.

The Music Connection’s focus on fundamentals is complemented by our emphasis on music literacy, including music theory, sight reading, and ear training. Students will be able to effortlessly translate this well-rounded education into musical maturity, moving quickly toward their goals while learning how to bring nuance and style to their personal performance.

We Care About Your Musical Interests

Take ownership of your own musical style and grow your talents at The Music Connection! Our dedicated instructors are committed to hearing your goals and helping you reach them. We pride ourselves in equipping each student with the tools they need to reach their fullest musical potential.

Creativity, self-discovery, and passion come to life at The Music Connection. Whether your goal is to pursue the cello professionally in an orchestra or as a soloist, or just to play for your own personal enjoyment, your cello teacher will support you throughout your musical journey.

Our Cello Teachers:

The cello teachers at The Music Connection create customized lessons for beginner, intermediate, and advanced students. You’re encouraged to express your individuality and have fun as you learn the fundamentals, technique, and expression skills that help you successfully play the cello. Our qualified teachers also have teaching and performance experience in a variety of genres. We match you with a teacher who fits your personality, interests, needs, and goals.

We offer a variety of plans to fit your schedule & budget

STandard Level

Professional faculty are all experienced musicians and instructors.

30 min lessons – $165/month

45 min lessons – $245/month

60 min lessons – $320/month

Master Level

Master faculty are select music instructors in high demand, with extensive experience and/or exceptional artistic accomplishments.

30 min lessons – $180/month

45 min lessons – $265/month

60 min lessons – $350/month

What you can expect

1. Tell us about your musical goals.

2. Match with one of our expert instructors.

3. Play music! Parents get progress reports.

Common Questions

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Cindy | Parent

“My three children wanted to play different instruments and there are so many instructors at the Music Connection, it was very easy for us to choose a time and date to fit our busy schedule. The teachers have always been very positive and encouraging to all of my children!”

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