Kevin Reid

Guitar, Ukulele, Piano & Bass

Kevin Reid

About Kevin Reid

The former owner & director of a Chicago area music school with 600 students & 30 teachers, Kevin has over 35 years experience teaching youth and adults. His emphasis is on building confidence, proper technique and nurturing creative self-expression. He takes a very individual approach catering to his student’s goals, learning styles & musical tastes. Whether they’re taking lessons for fun or professional reasons, he looks forward to enthusiastically supporting them along the way!

Kevin is also a singer/songwriter & music producer. His songs have been downloaded throughout the world. He’s also produced many student/pro showcases for students to have the mentoring opportunity of performing with professional musicians at pro venues.

Testimonials from former students:

“When Kevin was in Nashville, I had the pleasure of taking guitar lessons with him for approximately a year.  He is an excellent teacher and musician.  He finds ways to explain things in ways that are easy to understand and is able to tailor your lessons to your ability in a way that is enough to challenge you and keep you improving, but isn’t so hard that you get frustrated.  I saw my skills improve dramatically while taking lessons from him and highly recommend anyone looking to improve their musical talent to give Kevin a try.” —Michael O’Brien

“I took guitar lessons with Kevin in Oak Park Illinois, and learned far more than I thought possible.  While my original goal was to learn enough guitar to accompany myself singing, basic chords and strumming, Kevin had far higher goals for me than I had for myself!” —Deborah Adelman

Favorite quote about music:

“Music is the universal language of humanity.”

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