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Jurgen Shira

About Jurgen Shira

Jurgen Shira is an accomplished pianist, teacher, composer, and producer who comes from a musical family. Starting from the age of 6, he was caught up in a life-long romance with music, beginning his piano studies at the Jordan Misja Artistic Lyceum professional music school in Tirania, Albania. For 12 years of grade school and high school, Jurgen pursued his love of piano, music theory, and composition, participating in and winning awards and honors in competitions all over Albania and Macedonia. In college, he went on to earn a Bachelor of Arts in Music Composition, as well as a degree in Marketing and Commerce. When not playing piano or composing, Jurgen is a professional music producer, having gained over 30 million views of his work across the corners of the interweb.

Jurgen’s passion and love for teaching and making music is palpable, and comes across easily in both casual and formal interactions. Those who are lucky enough to study with Jurgen will be deeply inspired to grow as musicians, gaining the piano skills and music theory knowledge needed to succeed in whatever capacity they so desire.

Jurgen is motivating, warm, enthusiastic, joyful, and relatable. When not participating in music endeavors, you can find him gaming, enjoying seafood, or listening film scores and EDM.