Bob Thompson

Guitar, Bass Guitar, Ukulele, Piano

Bob Thompson

About Bob Thompson

Bob Thompson’s first musical experience was in his early teens when he decided to take guitar lessons. He developed basic fundamentals in music theory by learning to play songs and then analyzing what was occurring within the piece with his instructor.

Bob attended Harper College for his core studies in Music Theory, Piano, and Classical Guitar. He also received a sound engineering certificate under John Towner through a program offered by Harper College. Steven Suvada was his guitar instructor for his first two years there.  Bob then transferred to Elmhurst College where he received a Bachelors of Science in Music Business. In 2014 he completed a sound engineering internship at Maxim Entertainment (Recording Studio).

While at Elmhurst College, Bob was a part of the Classical Guitar Ensemble and continued to take private classical guitar lessons from Steven Suvada. Peter Muschong was his instructor for electric guitar lessons throughout college and has had a tremendous influence on his playing. He recently released an EP entitled “Conveyance” on iTunes and CD Baby.

Bob believes in applying music fundamentals and music theory to a student’s desired musical genre.“It is important and necessary to keep a balance between a structured practice program along with creative freedom in the form of improvisation and song writing,” he said.

Students can expect a teacher who is interested in helping them discover the musical genres and goals that they are most interested in. “I will find that spark that makes them want to play and practice every day.”

First piece of music that had a profound effect on me:  “Voodoo Child” by Jimi Hendrix. The first time I heard this song I was taken aback by the raw attitude and tone of his guitar playing.

Music teacher who inspired me the most:  My first guitar teacher, Gary O’Hare, really got me hooked on learning lead guitar solos for many of my favorite guitar players at the time. I am thankful that he pushed me to learn these solos at an early stage in my career.

How I am making the world a better place: I hope to positively influence and share my passion and knowledge of music with my students.

Favorite quote about music:  “Just make it funky.”  – James Brown

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