Important Message From The Music Room

Monday, March 16, 2020

Dear Students and Parents:

I’m reaching out to you today, asking you to partner with us as we navigate the uncertainties of this global crisis affecting each and every one of us. The fear and panic that surrounds us today is unprecedented. I’d like to present to you the following solutions and alternatives:

  1. Keep music in your lives. Keep playing your instrument. Practice more than ever! Consider all the conflicts or commitments that have kept you—but no longer keep you—from doing so at this time. Imagine the possibility of your progress . . .
  2. Keep attending your lessons at The Music Room. Effective March 15, 2020: The CDC has recommended avoiding institutions and events where gatherings include more than 50 people. Luckily, at our full capacity, The Music Room serves 11 students and 11 teachers at one time, well below the recommended cutoff. We are a safe haven.
  3. If you feel uncomfortable attending, consider having your lesson through remote electronic technology. We are currently testing systems that will allow us to teach remotely through electronic sources. We do not have that technology in place for this week, but beginning with next week’s lessons, we will.
  4. If you don’t want to attend, and you don’t want to have your lesson via remote technology, pay to maintain your lesson time. We are in this together, and we will make up any missed lesson without limitation or restriction. There are 30 teachers and staff members at The Music Room whose livelihoods depend on your patronage. Otherwise, we may not survive the economic impact of this crisis.

Finally, if you’re going to buy any music related materials online, thoughtfully consider what your local businesses have to offer. Shop with us, and every other small business that supports your community. Order carryout from our local community restaurants. (They stand to lose as much, if not more, than we do.) Buy a guitar, a ukulele, sheet music. Send your friends in to do the same.

During this time of upheaval, many changes have been thrust upon our school children. School has been canceled along with all the activities they participate in through those institutions. Many other intramural sports are affected as well. These are, for many children, the activities they look forward to and are their emotional outlets. We would encourage you to allow them to keep this outlet. It is low risk and can keep them engaged and occupied emotionally and developmentally. Something structured and stable. As a parent, finding purposeful activities which occupy their developing minds (and do not require screen-time) is difficult.


Carol Cook, Owner

The Music Room