A Guide for First-Time Band Parents

First time band parents trying to navigate their instrument options have a lot to think about. The Music Room is here to answer your questions.

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Q. What’s the right instrument for my son or daughter?

A. Students often don’t know what they want to play. Sometimes they are influenced by friends or the music they like. We suggest letting your future musician try out different band and orchestra instruments at one of our Come Blow Your Horn events.

Q. Which instrument is the easiest to learn?

A. The truth is it’s a challenge to master any instrument. Each instrument has a different learning curve and challenges at different points in the process. While it is relatively easy to get a tone on a clarinet, learning a register change down the road can be a struggle. In contrast it may take weeks to get a tone on a flute, but once that is mastered, it is usually smooth sailing. Why should I rent or purchase instruments locally vs. buying online?

We think it’s important to know what you are getting. You can see and feel what you are getting before your rental at The Music Room vs. when you buy online. Our experts thoroughly inspect and ensure every instrument we sell and rent is ready to play. We only carry top quality student and upgraded student models which are guaranteed to meet or exceed your band director’s requirements.

Another reason to shop local is because kids don’t always treat the instruments like they should.  You want a conveniently located supplier who will take the instrument back and repair or adjust it promptly. 

For rental customers 100% of these costs are covered with a small monthly maintenance and repair fee. We also offer a free Care & Repair University twice a year for our rental customers.  We teach young musicians how to care for and maintain their instrument even before they learn to play a note.

Q. I have a used instrument, can my student use it?

A. Bring the instrument into The Music Room for an evaluation and we can help you decide if it’s a good option for your son or daughter.

Q. What if my student wants to quit the band after we get the instrument?

A. Instrument rental is a great option for this very reason. At The Music Room rentals are month-to –month contracts with 100% of the rental fee being applied to your equity in the instrument.

You can return the instrument at any time, without penalty. If an instrument is damaged or in need of repair it would be 100% covered by the $6 monthly maintenance fee. Similarly, if your student wants to switch instruments or upgrade, you can do so at any time.

Q. How do I reserve an instrument at The Music Room?

A. To reserve a rental instrument, call us, stop in our store, or complete the rental form online. Rental contracts usually begin in August, but early pickup can be arranged. You can even get started with lessons over the summer. We are an approved supplier for the following school districts and schools:

Community Consolidated School District 15

  • Quest Academy
  • Barrington 220 Community Unit School District
  • Arlington Heights School District 25
  • Arlington Heights Community Consolidated School District 59
  • Schaumburg Township Elementary School District 54
  • Township High School District 211
  • Township High School District 214

Look for our brochures at your school’s informational meeting

Q. How much does it cost to rent an instrument?

A. Pricing varies by the type of instrument. Check out pricing and brands carried:
Saxaphones, Clarinets, Flutes and Oboes
Trumpets, French Horns, Barritone Horns, and Trombones
Violins, Violas and Cellos

Playing in the band or orchestra is a tremendous opportunity for your child that will continue to reap rewards long after their lessons stop. We appreciate your sacrifices that make it possible. If there is anything we can do to help you along the way, please let us know.