Woodwind Rentals

Rent Saxophones, Clarinets, Flutes and Oboes Locally

Renting instruments through The Music Room is a great option. Because we’re local, it’s easy to stop in and get your instrument looked at or repaired (all covered through your contract). Upgrade to a different instrument at any time.

young student learning to play the flute Palatine IL

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    Payment Information Reservations are not complete until payment has been received. We will contact you to set up a payment method; thereafter, rental payments will be settled automatically via credit card on a regular, monthly basis. These monthly payments are initiated on your Requested Pickup Date above, which becomes your billing cycle date. (A requested pickup date of the 14th, for example, results in a charge on that date as well as a charge on the 14th of every calendar month that follows while the rental is active.)

    Every Payment Builds Equity Our program is an equity building program: each rental payment (excluding the maintenance and repair fee) goes toward the purchase of your instrument. For stringed instruments, your accumulated equity is applied through each size increase toward the purchase of a full size student instrument. There is no obligation to buy, however, and the instrument may be returned at any time.

    When Will My Instrument Be Ready? “Requested Pickup Date” field above and we will do our best to accommodate you. Please note that we are closed on Sundays and that we require at least 2 business days from the time you submit this Instrument Rental Form to process your submission and ready your rental instrument for pickup.
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    If you would like to be placed on a waiting list for any of the selected instruments below, please submit your reservation and we will call you as soon as an instrument becomes available.

Saxophone Rental

Learning the saxophone can be a great starting point in a child’s music education. Young saxophonists can play in large ensembles including concert, jazz and marching bands. The saxophone family includes four basic types: the Bb (B flat) soprano, Eb alto, Bb tenor and Eb baritone. The most popular and best beginning instrument is the Alto saxophone. Despite being made from brass, the saxophone is categorized as a woodwind instrument, as the sound is produced by an oscillating reed. The saxophone is considered a key instrument in nearly all genres of music, but especially jazz.

Brands We Carry: Keilwerth, King, Selmer, Vito

Alto Sax Rental Monthly Cost: $55* *includes rental and repair

Clarinet Rental

The size and weight of a clarinet make it well-suited for children with small hands. The clarinet is often the instrument to play the melody in band, so children get a lot of pleasure by playing songs they know. There are opportunities to perform in band, orchestra, and jazz bands. This versatile instrument is used in many styles of music including jazz, classical and pop.

Brands We Carry: Jupiter, Selmer, Vito

Clarinet Rental Monthly Cost: $35.00*
*includes rental and repair

Flute Rental

Playing the flute is a great way to learn music. Performance opportunities are available in school band programs, symphony orchestras, jazz ensembles, and as a solo instrument. It is important for young players to be large enough to reach the keys without straining the neck or hands. A flute consists of many moving parts, and occasionally needs minor repairs and adjustments, especially with young players who carry the instrument to and from school. As a local source, The Music Room staff is readily available to quickly tend to any repairs. Maintenance and repair are included in the monthly rental cost.

Brands We Carry: Armstrong, Gemeinhardt, Selmer

Flute Rental Monthly Cost: $35.00*
*includes rental and repair

Oboe Rental

At the beginning of their music education children should start with a student oboe. These instruments are designed to be more durable and are usually made out of grenadilla wood or plastic. Plastic is an ideal material for younger students, while grenadilla is great for a beginning player who started on another instrument, such as a clarinet. Student oboes also have fewer keys than intermediate or professional instruments. The oboe is suited for both solo and ensemble performances. Playing the oboe well requires considerable training and skill.

Brands We Carry: Buffet, Selmer
Oboe Rental Monthly Cost: $59.00*
*includes rental and repair