About Evan

Evan has been motivated and inspired by his love of music since an early age. Beginning in his elementary school choir, with 7 years of individual instruction in voice and piano, and maturing under the choral instruction of Ms. Atkins at L.J. Alleman and later Ms. Grefe at Lafayette High School. This love of music inspired him to major in Vocal Music Education at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette under the instruction of Shawn Roy. Evan plans to further pursue his education with graduate school and eventually plans to earn his doctorate.

Evan gained the skills to succeed through his music education and time working in the choral department at Lafayette High School. In the Choral Department, Evan performed in a leadership role. He attended All State four times, one of which he presented a solo performance. Evan attended and competed in Regionals four years in a row, two of which he performed solos in Orlando, FL, and San Antonio, TX. Evan was also one of two graduating Choral Members selected to conduct and instruct a Choral Concert. His ultimate goal as a music educator is to bring others to love and understand how music can help them.

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