Music Lessons in Seal Beach, CA

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Fun Fact

The Seal Beach River Jetty where Ocean Avenue ends with the river channel is a great beginner’s surfing spot – one side is locally called Crabs and the other is called Barracudas, or Barries. Sarah’s surf teacher said there really were barracudas, but she’s beginning to think that’s a lie!

About Seal Beach, CA

If you often find yourself walking down the second longest wooden pier in California, chances are you live in or around the Seal Beach area. The weather is gorgeous, the little cafes in the downtown area serve delicious food, and the musical opportunities are prevalent. At The Inside Voice, we offer studio, online, and in-home music lessons, and we couldn’t be happier to have an excuse to come and visit your beautiful seaside city.

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Why We Love Seal Beach, CA?

Seal Beach is a gorgeous seaside community with ample opportunities to listen to and perform great music.

  • The Seal Beach Community Performing Arts Association promotes cultural activities, like children’s opera theater
  • The reputable Spaghettini, known for great music and even better food, offers fine dining accompanied by jazz, r&b, and a variety of other genres, depending on the night
  • It’s the home of Mash Down Babylon Records, a record label begun by Matt Embree, lead singer of Rx Bandits
  • Summer Concerts at the Pier has ocean air and great music. What could be better?
  • Even the senior community is full of music! The Leisure World Amphitheater features a variety of tribute bands, including U2, the Rat Pack and Abba.
About The Inside Voice
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“I am very happy I found a great school! All their teachers are very knowledgeable and experienced professional artists. Their management team is very professional, responsive and friendly. I never had a problem with scheduling or payments.”

— Oma S.

“I LOVE this Academy there are no words to describe how much fun, encouragement and effort this school gives my daughter and the community.”

— Ana C.

“The school is amazing and their staff is very kind. I work with a vocal coach named Ben and he is brilliant!!! He has exceeded my expectations and has been able to elevate my singing to heights I didn’t know I was capable of.”

— Phil S.

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