Music Lessons in Anaheim, CA

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About Anaheim

As the most populated city in Orange County, CA, with some of the largest, most significant performance venues in the county, it’s unsurprising that we teach a significant number of music lessons in Anaheim. For students who prefer studio lessons, our Orange Park Acres studio is just around the corner from Anaheim Hills.

Why We Love Anaheim?

In a lot of ways, Anaheim is at the heart of Orange County, representing to tourists what the county is all about.

  • Disneyland, for the inner prince or princess in all of us
  • Anaheim Stadium, where the Angels baseball team plays
  • The Honda Center, where you can see everyone from the Mighty Ducks to Taylor Swift
  • Chain Reaction books rock, punk, hardcore, and indie bands alike
  • The Chance Theatre is a hidden gem for musical theatre lovers
About The Inside Voice
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“I am very happy I found a great school! All their teachers are very knowledgeable and experienced professional artists. Their management team is very professional, responsive and friendly. I never had a problem with scheduling or payments.”

— Oma S.

“I LOVE this Academy there are no words to describe how much fun, encouragement and effort this school gives my daughter and the community.”

— Ana C.

“The school is amazing and their staff is very kind. I work with a vocal coach named Ben and he is brilliant!!! He has exceeded my expectations and has been able to elevate my singing to heights I didn’t know I was capable of.”

— Phil S.

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