How to Look Awesome in Your Music Videos

How to Look Awesome in Your Music Videos

The following post is a guest post written by fashion blogger Lydia Lee.

Before releasing a music video, it isn’t enough to focus on what you as a musician will be doing, but also on the different aspects of the video. While many think that making a music video is easy, making it in a way that makes you look fantastic and enticing to an audience is another thing to consider. This article is a walkthrough of how you can transform yourself just by altering a few key elements of the video.

Choose a Song or Track That Speaks to You

One of the first things people notice when they click on a music video is the music. It could be the rhythm, the instrumentals, or the beat. If you can, gather different producers or musicians to help create an upbeat type of music that resonates with what you want to showcase to fans and potential new audiences. Never make music just for the sake of releasing a music video or earning money alone. People almost always see how a song reflects the personality or experience of a singer.

Decide on the Type of Video You Think is Best

If you want to project an impressive aura or image online, make sure you spend some time thinking about the type of music video you want. Meaning, specify what visuals are in line with the track you chose. Here are the types of videos you can choose from:

  • Narrative video: This is the type of video that shows a storyline that connects to the lyrics of the song. As suggested from the word narrative itself, the video focuses on narrating a specific emotion or experience related to the lyrics.
  • Visual video: Certain types of images stimulate eye relaxation, which is why some artists choose this type of visual. You may use a green screen for this.
  • Performance video: A lot of singers, especially rappers, choose a performance type of video. Possibly to create the vibe that they have a lot of fans and are adored by many.

Make a Collage of Pictures Regarding the Mood

Decide on what mood you want for your video. This applies to both the music video and yourself. You may decide if you wish to have a happy vibe, a sad one, or something in between, as long as you think it suits you and the music you choose to perform. In addition to this, it also helps when you gather different pictures of the same mood category and make a collage to visualize what output you and your team want.

Decide on Other Elements of the Video

Aside from the color scheme, you should also take note of the shapes and elements you put in your music video. Make sure that these are in line with what you want. For example, your song is a song about brotherhood, and the lyrics are a bit sad. You don’t choose elements that are full of vibrant colors and shapes. You should select the appropriate ones instead.

Be Sensitive to the Possible Reactions Your Fans Might Have

The reason you want to look awesome in a video is also to let your fans feel an individual connection with you while listening and watching. Always make it a goal to think about what your fans might think, because word of mouth is a strong ingredient in popularity. Here are some of the things to consider:

  • Choose a natural color scheme.
  • Make sure your fans feel a particular connection.
  • Think of innovative ideas to engage and keep their attention during the video.

Make Sure You Shoot in Landscape Mode

A video shot in landscape mode makes the music video better because of the multiple elements caught on camera. This advantage is due to the wide lens. In addition to this, you make the impression that you visit a lot of beautiful scenery. People love seeing great views and backgrounds.

Practice Your Angles, Lighting, and Performance Beforehand

Further, improve your confidence in projecting in front of the camera by practicing at home. A lot of models and artists do this so that when the actual shoot happens, they’re past the awkward and challenging stages of trying to find the perfect angle. Here are things to remember when practicing:

  • Remember which aspect you look best in pictures, and practice your smile.
  • Try the fierce look.
  • Play with lights. You may position a light source from above or below, as well as the left or right side.
  • Experiment with different expressions to add a little bit of fun.
  • Try close-ups and full-body shots to determine which of the two feels more comfortable for you. Hi-def makeup and contact lenses for larger-looking eyes (for visual purposes!) or cosplay contacts can go a long way. Try diamond contacts!

The goal of this tip is to help you exude confidence and the vibe that you know exactly what you want your audience to feel when you start posing and projecting.

Consider Adding Text and Short Information

There are two major reasons to add text; one is to inform the viewer of the details of the song:

  • The singer’s name, and if there’s a featured singer as well.
  • Who are the producers, writers, and directors?
  • What date the song is released.

The other main purpose of putting text into a video is to:

  • Highlight meaningful lyrics of the song that you want to resonate with fans.
  • Additional visual elements.
  • Make the video a sort of karaoke, to engage fans in singing along with you.

Take Time to Make Teasers and Trailers

Even if you’re starting and this is your first music video, try and make a teaser just as the big stars do. Teasers give fans a sneak peek, so make sure the video is engaging and leaves the viewers wanting to see more of the video.

All of the information mentioned above comes into play when releasing a trailer. Project a cool and awesome image to entice viewers into clicking that like button.

Post on All Social Media Platforms

Social media is currently the best way to get your craft out there and exposed to different users worldwide. That’s why, as much as possible, post the music video on all social media platforms (many followers or not) because there might be a chance that someone clicks your link and ends up liking your content, and that’s good enough to continue and do more.

Lydia Lee

Lydia Lee is a fashion blogger. She works at a Tech company and writes as a freelancer for several fashion magazines both local and international. She has a pet terrier named Fugui.

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