Elliot Dickinson

Guitar & Bass

Elliot Dickinson

About Elliot Dickinson

Elliot Dickinson grew up in a musical household where writing songs and recording diddies on a four track tape machine was a common weekend activity. As a child he expressed minimal interest but eventually the roots took hold. At sixteen Elliot formed his first band made up of classmates and friends from the high school marching band.

He went on to study some classical music and recording techniques in college but found that he was more of a songwriter and performer than an orchestral musician. In 2011 Elliot moved to St. Petersburg, FL and has since written music and performed with artists such as the Rosewoods (founding member), Broke Mr. Jones (founding member), Ajeva, and Kasondra Rose.

In August 2018 Elliot took the position of music director at Unity of Tampa where he has now worked on the music team for over 10 years.