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Here at Tampa Music School, we celebrate the uniqueness of each of our students. We understand that growth and ability come at different speeds. While it is true that everyone must begin at square one, our amazing piano teachers will help you to grow musically in whichever direction you desire.

Our Approach to Online Piano Lessons

Our piano teachers are knowledgeable in many different keyboarding styles, such as classical, soul, jazz, pop and sacred. This experience makes lesson time an exciting vehicle for personal interpretation and creative growth.
Even though we strive for a creative, student-led teaching approach, we do also require study in the basic aspects of music notation and production.

We Teach the Fundamentals

Free musical expression is deeply rooted in a strong understanding of the building blocks of music in general. We cannot stress enough the importance of a firm grasp of music theory. Lesson time will solidly incorporate theory instruction as well as developing skills in sight singing and ear training.

Beginning students will be taught proper keyboarding posture, hand position, fingering and keyboard layout. The goal is to teach excellent habits before poor habits are formed.

We Teach Proper Technique

Once a student demonstrates an understanding of the makeup of music, growth in technique can then occur.

Practicing proper piano technique such as scales and chord progressions can seem laborious, but these exercises establish muscle memory skills that you will greatly value throughout your music career. Many of these skills can be practiced within the music you choose.

Solid technique can be used to bring music to life. The mood of your chosen repertoire can be greatly affected through changes in dynamics, creative pausing, changing tempos and phrasing. Your teacher will work with you to develop an innate understanding of how these elements affect your performance.

We Tailor Instruction to Your Goals

The goal of a solid basis in fundamentals and technique is eventual freedom of performance. In time, you won’t even have to think about the mechanics of the music that you are executing.

To get to this amazing place in your musical journey, communication is key. If you have your eye on a particular musical style, let your teacher know. Our passionate instructors will most likely be able to steer you toward those end goals sooner rather than later.

Do you have a piece that you have always wanted to learn? Let your piano teacher know. Our instructors are very encouraging towards student-led repertoire choices. Our belief is that if you choose music that is meaningful to you, you will be more motivated to learn it.

As a student at Tampa Music School, you will be listened to, understood, supported and inspired to shoot for your musical goals. Nothing can quite compare to an effective teacher/student collaboration. It is the vehicle through which maximum growth is achieved.


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What is a Good Age to Begin Piano Lessons?

At Tampa Music School, we consider any age for musical instruction. However, in the realm of keyboarding, the limited finger reach and limited focus length of very young children can make progress challenging. We recommend 6-7 years old as a good age to begin piano instruction.

Our experienced teachers love working with children, but that doesn’t mean that childhood is the only valuable time to begin piano instruction. Many adults choose to study keyboarding as well. Even if you are 80 years old, investing in a learning experience that brings you joy is well worth the time.

If you have a desire to learn, we would love to work with you.

What Sets Tampa Music School Apart?

We know that there are multiple avenues you could take when it comes to choosing a music instructor. So, why should Tampa Music School be your top choice?

  • Our staff of music instructors are the most qualified, most experienced, and most passionate.
  • We have multiple piano instructors on staff, and we are confident we can find a teacher that will suit your specific personality and needs.
  • Our atmosphere of musical freedom is unmatched.
  • Each staff member is interested in your personal growth as a performer.

Our goal is that your experience at Tampa Music School will enable you to engage in the musical world with confidence and creativity no matter where your journey takes you.

Ready to Start Piano Lessons?

Here at Tampa Music School, we are ready to partner with you to help you become a more accomplished musician. We truly believe that consistent, compassionate private instruction is the key to your musical growth. The personal aspect of the one-on-one, online lesson style will inspire you and enable your piano teacher to correct any faulty techniques that may be physically harmful to you.

So, what are you waiting for? You don’t know what you are capable of until you take the first step. Start taking online piano lessons with us today!

We welcome all inquiries and would be happy to evaluate a student of any age. Our staff can even give you a peek at the goings on around Tampa Music School if you want to drop by.

If you have more questions, give us a call at (813) 837-9245. We’d love to chat with you and set up your first lesson.

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Clients Say

  • “Thank You!”

    My daughter had a great time at camp! She talked about it everyday. It built up her confidence and gave her a taste of many different instruments!

    Jana Lindsay Tallent | Parent
  • “Great!”

    My son is a returning student and he loves the instructors! We feel very fortunate that he is well supported and learning a lot!

    Gabriela Martinez | Parent
  • “Amazing”

    We love Tampa music school! All the instructors are awesome and my daughter has made tons of progress!

    Lindsey Rae Graves | Parent
  • “Wow!”

    This is just an awesome music school! From the School owner Matthew Maines to my Instructor Milani this is just a top notch bunch. I would definitely recommend this school to others looking to learn a new instrument or perfect their skills!

    J.J. S. | Parent
  • “What a wonderful music school”

    The teachers are very friendly and helpful. Thank you Tampa music school !

    Melody T. | Parent
  • “I’ve been going to Tampa Music School for almost a year now”

    I have learned so much about working within a band. Matt has been very supportive of all members and has an obvious understanding of how each instrument within the band can be showcased and contribute to the overall sound. I’m very grateful I’ve found such a nice studio right in my community.

    Barbara B. | Parent
  • “My son is a returning student and he loves the instructors!”

    We feel very fortunate that he is well supported and is learning a lot!!

    Gabriela M. | Parent
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