Paul Kutylo

Guitar, Ukulele & Banjo

Paul  Kutylo

About Paul Kutylo

  • Paul Kutylo began playing acoustic guitar at Divine Word College. He played and sang for an overwhelming number of hootenannies, church services and talent shows in college and graduate school.
  • Paul taught fellow college students to play folk guitar. He was the founder, leader and guitar teacher for St Eulalia church group.
  • From his extensive performance experience in many groups, choirs, choruses, Paul enjoys playing and singing light rock, folk and show tunes.
  • Paul plays guitar and is a soloist for Church of the Holy Spirit choir.
  • Paul is currently playing guitar, ukulele and banjo with the group Liz, Paul and Kevin singing at nursing homes, St Patrick‚Äôs Day celebrations and for other occasions.
  • Paul loves teaching string instruments to those of any age. He is thrilled to see them learn and excel. He feels his background in counseling can help him instruct and have almost any student excel in the love of music.

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