Nick White


Nick White

About Nick White

Nick is an orchestral percussionist, mallet player, instrument collector, and overall fan of history. Originally from Chicago, he spent 8 years studying performance at Boston University and Boston Conservatory. He currently freelances locally here in Chicago, and with orchestras around the country. An avid fan of early 20th century jazz music, he often performs and arranges xylophone music from the 1920’s, and play with 1920’s jazz bands here in Chicago. Along the way, He has accumulated a growing collection of percussion instruments specifically used during the silent movie era.

Demonstrations of these wonderful instruments have been featured on film, stage, radio, and local news. For 5 years, he has been featured as a performer of these antique sound effects with celebrated theatre organist Jay Warren, and performed silent films shows in 1920’s movie theaters in the Chicagoland area. In 2022, Nick was featured as an actor with his sound effects instruments in a 1930’s radio scene for the Martin Scorsese-directed film, Killers of The Flower Moon.

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