Connie Studebaker


Connie Studebaker

About Connie Studebaker

Connie started taking piano lessons at the age of ten because she wanted to be like her big sister who played the piano. She enjoyed practicing and started playing for services in her church when she was in high school. She has continued to play for church services throughout her life as well as accompany school and community choirs.

She has been teaching piano for over fifteen years and, with a desire to continue to learn and grow, continues to study music.

Connie sees her students, first, as individuals and then as piano students. Getting to know them helps her understand how they learn and at what rate they learn, which tells her the best way to teach them.

She believes all piano students should have a good understanding of music and how it works and believes it is important to bring theory and ear training into the lesson as well as keyboard skills. She likes to “gently” challenge her students to do their very best, whatever their best is on a given day.

When she’s not teaching music or making music, she enjoys gardening, baking and doing crossword puzzles.

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