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Vona Murrell

About Vona Murrell

Vona describes herself as friendly, patient, encouraging, and supportive. Her education includes a Bachelor’s degree in Music, English, and Religious Studies, as well as some post-graduate work in Sacred Music. Vona has always loved music and grew up in a very musical family. She began piano lessons around age 6 and still loves playing and singing in choirs. She also played trumpet from 5th grade until college. At the collegiate level, Vona was fortunate enough to study with Dr. Michael James, a student of the great Ruth Slenczynska, who continued to mentor her until his recent passing. Vona has been involved in all kinds of church music, piano teaching, and vocal coaching for more than 25 years. She has done lots of accompanying and she used to perform with her father in some bluegrass bands. In addition, Vona is a member of the National Music Teachers Association and of the National Federation of Music Clubs.

“Music is a kind of language that everyone can learn to speak and enjoy!  It is full of joy and wonder — and it should be fun! Music is also a beautiful form of creative expression that can bring people together. Everyone can learn to love making music —and that love of music can last a lifetime!”


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