Brian Hamilton

Piano, Guitar, Bass, Ukulele, Drums, Brass, Woodwinds & Percussion

Brian Hamilton

About Brian Hamilton

Brian describes himself as ambitious, easy going, and cooperative. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Instrumental Music Education K-12. His main instrument in college was the tenor saxophone. Brain directs band for grades 6-12 at Lewiston Altura, plays drums in a rock band called “Something Familiar,” and plays Soprano in a saxophone quartet. Brian believes in music as a universal language.

Music has given me some of the most important people in my life, and many of my previous teachers were the most influential and inspirational people to me.  I would like to give that same experience to my students.”


Lessons OfferedAgesCurrent Lesson Type
  • Piano (B-I)
  • Drums (B-I)
  • Guitar (B-I)
  • Bass (B-I)
  • Ukulele (B-I)
  • Banjo (B-I)
  • Violin (B)
  • Viola (B)
  • Mandolin (B-I)
  • Clarinet (B-I)
  • Saxophone (B-I)
  • Flute (B-I)
  • Trumpet (B)
  • Baritone Horn (B)
  • French Horn (B)
  • Trombone (B-I)
  • Tuba (B)
  • Accordion (B-I)
7 – 17Online or In-Person

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